NOT below 4x?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by gentoo_zach, Aug 24, 2007.

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    Hello all,

    I've noticed that on this forum, people suggest not burning slower than 4x. Why is that? I've burned at 2.4x ever since I've used AnyDVD/CloneDVD and never had a bad backup...ever, not one coaster. Is there a reason that it is suggested to burn more quickly?

  2. DetroitBaseball

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    There's no reason to burn that slow, period. I always burn maximum speed and never have problems, though it never gets past 12x anyways.

    By the way, what is the brand of the DVDs you use to burn?
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    If you use 16x rated media and a 16x burner, there's a likelyhood you will not produce good burns at anything lower than 4x, and you also risk overcooking the dye. And you will see that information when The Digital Dolphin finally publishes his blank media longevity study (1x on a standalone recordable burner with 16x rated media can produce terrible results).
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    Hmmmm, well my single layer discs are rated at 8x but my Verbatin DLs are only 2.4x anyway.
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    @ gentoo_zach,

    Attempting to compare SL Media burning speed to the burning speed of DL Media is like attempting to compare rocks to potatoes. The physical manufacturing of DL Media is entirely different than the manufacture of SL Media.

    Informed knowledgeable experienced users are fully aware that new modern DVD Burners and modern DVD Media doesn’t require burning at slow speeds to obtain quality error free results. There are many studies revealing that using modern DVD Burners and modern DVD Media that burning at slow speeds actually produces poorer quality Burns than burning at or near the rated speed of the Media. Suggest firing up Google Search ( and conduct a search on this topic.

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    Burn Speed Controversy

    Discussing at what speed to burn is like asking someone what car brand is best. There are as many opinions as there are grains of sand on the beach. What I have found is that whatever works for you keep doing it until a problem is encountered. I've burned 16X DVDs at full sped and at 8 & 4 X and saw no difference in anything other than time it took to burn.

    I think more importantly one should be looking at the quality of the DVDs and the burner than the speed. Burners are becoming more and more reliable as well as cheaper and the particular brand one favors is related more to the features than anything else. Just remember burners do sometimes wear out over time.

    One area where a difference is still significant is in what DVDs you use. There is a VAST difference in quality of DVDs. The better the quality of the DVD the better the outcomes. Price alone is not necessarily the qualifier as some quality brands of DVDs are only slightly more expensive than the, pardon the expression, rest of the crap available. I swear by Taiyo Yuden and a friend swears by Verbatim. Both are excellent media and neither of us has had a significant error problem. The errors we have had have been more form user error than a fault with the disc. Both of us have burned over a 1000 discs respectively and with less than 0.2% coasters. With TY discs I find no difference in their value line than their premium line. A friend does videos for small businesses and uses quality line hub printable TY as he burns large number of DVDs in a replicator and every coaster cuts into bottom line. So far his bottom line is looking good.

    My 2 cents anyway fro what it's worth.
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    I was reading the posts and wanted to add a comment. My RCA players will NOT play any dvd burned beyond 1x. I have tried every type and brand of disc I can find. And this problem is only with RCA players. I went out and bought a brand new one for my bedroom last Christmas and it did the same as my big DVR/DVD player in the family room. I went and traded it in and the next one did the same. I then bought the Sony I have now and it plays anything. Just my .02 cents worth. OBTW I have had the greatest luck with Sony disks. I have burned almost 100 -R and 100 +Rs and have only had 2 bad ones.
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    Then something is the matter with either the burns you were producing (which may be tied into the blank media you were using)--or the player was dying.
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    And there are right opinions and wrong opinions.

    Then you need to run some pi/po and jitter quality scans on a decent optical drive.
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    Hi all

    I use TDK DVD-R 4.7GB media for most movies and burn at 8x, even thought discs themselves can go a lot higher - up to 16x and this also depends on your hardware. If a movie requires Dual Layer due to very high quality, i use Verbatim DVD+R DL. Never had a dead 4.7 or Dual Layer yet.