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Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by zion6, Aug 8, 2018.

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    I have the same email I used for years for Slyfox, trying to buy the new "lifetime" membership, but get an error that Redfox cannot connect to email using Comcast one of the largest providers in USA, no problem with communicating etc with it.

    Response to my ticket was "please use another email". I replied that that isn't going to happen as this IS my email, and never heard another word back.

    If they can figure out how to use the email address I gave them which I have had for 10 years I will be happy to purchase it.

    In the meantime the old Slyfox version works most of the time still....
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    The licensing system does a check if it can connect to the mail server to make sure the license will arrive. You need to stop comparing redfox to slysoft. Slysoft had more staff, slysoft had more funding, slysoft had a CEO, slysoft was a company. Redfox is/has none of that. Just set up a Gmail account or something.

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    Thanks for your "reply". If Redfox is not a company, who exactly am I sending money to? Legitimate question. Where is the money going, and if I have problems or questions, is there a responsible party? Is it a group or what exactly?
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    It's a closed source project. Like you have open-source stuff, you're sending payment to the staff to provide services. Just like with any other purchase you make. They just don't have a company. Because a company requires a physical address, bank account etc... And that makes it easy for 'the powers that be', to shut someone down like they did with slysoft. Don't want that do we :)

    And if you have problems/questions, that's what this forum and the support ticketing system is for

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    Just because Comcast is one of the larger providers in the US doesn't mean much if they are blocking email from certain IP addresses.

    I know they do block, so get a free email account.