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  1. Jim Lenz

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    I was a life time license holder for anydvd hd. I went ahead and made the purchase Sunday for the new product. I uninstalled my old version, installed the new, rebooted and clicked on the registration file. I receive the error, "Not a valid license". This is the reg file that was sent via email with my purchase.

    I have sent 3 requests to support with one response, basically telling me I needed to purchase the product. I already did. Any help is appreciated.

  2. tcacmc

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    Bonjour j'ai essayer cette version pour the witch et pour gods of egypt et les 2 ne fonctionne pas et ne décrypte pas , je voudrais bien acheté la licence mais Est-ce que il va fonctionner mieux

    Hi I try de version of anydvd and the 2 dvd dont works fine The Witch and the Gods of egypt , do I am alone or every body have those problem , before buying licence I need to fine out wats appon

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    @Ivan can you speed this one up?
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    Try downloading the key file again just in case it got corrupted for some reason.

    Also, this may/may not help, but try using the registration tool (RegAnyDVD.exe) found in AnyDVDs installation folder.
    After launching the tool, navigate to the key file that should look similar to this:


    * = numbers/letters.
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  5. Ivan

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    Jim, I just checked your license. Works perfectly.
    Make sure you have installed RedFox AnyDVD (and not <= before you double click the license key file