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    Does anyone knows, What's the best software to copy or burn backups of
    X-box games, I will really like to know...Thanks
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    What does this have to do with Slysoft products?
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    Well, maybe the OP was thinking about Clonecd.

    Regardless, this is a general chat area, so go ahead and discuss.
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    There isn't any software for actually ripping xbox games (for the PC anyway). It's impossible for ANY PC dvd drive to read an xbox game because of the way they're pressed. The data on an xbox game is read from the outer edge to the center while a standard PC drive reads dvds from the center of the disc to the outer edge. The only way to do this would be to modify the firmware in a PC dvd drive to read the disc backwards and then use a program that supports the filesystem used on the xbox disc to rip it to your PC. I've never heard of anyone actually doing this though.

    That's not to say you can't use another method. You can copy xbox games by modding your xbox and installing evolution x dashboard. Evox will run an FTP server and allow you to place an xbox game into the xbox's disc drive and FTP it over to your computer. Once you have all the game data on your PC then you can use a program like Quix or Craxtion to create an XISO and burn that image to a standard DVD-R.

    You have to create an XISO and not a standard iso for this to work. These special imaging programs will recreate the file structure on an xbox game. After the image is created, you can use any software that works with disc images to burn it, including Nero or Clonedvd. You must play the backup in a modded xbox with a hacked bios or it won't boot. The xbox's original bios will easily detect that the disc is not an original.
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    Another retired hall monitor? <sigh>

    -W (don't play games but was curious of the answers anyway)
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    slamscaper945... thank you for that info I had no idea about the difference in the disks.. pretty strange that they go from out to in ..

    oh well, again thanks, shoot actually learned something.. :)