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    I copied a Star Trek Original Series HDDVD to my hard drive last night by exploring the disc and copying to a folder. The file was unplayable until I turned it into an iso and mounted the image. The disc now begins with the lead-in and goes to the title menu but only the first episode is listed. When I attempted to push the button (with my mouse) to change to another episode, it just starts the first episode. Is there an issue with copy eposidic content to the harddrive and playing from there? Is this an issue with the player?

    What are the SLY files that are created and was any harm done when I just deleted those files?

    I've tried a search on this both here and abroad and found no answers. I did see that the SLY files are Slysoft's doing but wanted to see if I screwed something up by removing them.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Try using the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate to the desired episode then press enter. This should allow you to choose episodes. I believe the "Sly" folders created by anyDVD are used while ripping the HD DVD and are sent to the recycle bin to be deleted after the ripping is completed. None of my ripped Star Trek Original Series HD DVD`s have these "Sly" folders in them and play perfectly without them. Nova935
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    Thanks for the information. I ripped the next 2 discs tonight using AnyDVD's rip to disc feature and you were right the SLY files were gone. I guess they only show up if you copy and paste. Also, the arrow keys worked perfectly for changing episodes. However, I have noticed that the volume is extremely low for this particular series. Have you noticed this?

    Given that you are doing a similar thing, would you mind reviewing what I am doing and let me know if there are any shortcuts or better way to do it?

    I have a HTPC w/ a C2D E6600, Palit 9600GT Sonic 1GB (hdmi connection on back), sound via my motherboard (Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3), 500GB HD and an LG GGC-h20L (HD-DVD/Bluray reader). I also have a server w/ 2TB of space on a gigabit ethernet wired up. The software I have installed is Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit, AnyDVD w/ HD Package, CloneDVD, CloneDVDMobile, imgburn, VirtualCloneDrive, Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra 7 w/ HD package and the Windows Vista Codecs.

    My goal is to rip my entire DVD, HD-DVD and Bluray library to my server and be able to play movies from there. So far, I have only ripped some to the HTPC and played from there. To rip an HDDVD, I insert the disc let AnyDVD start, right click AnyDVD and select rip Disc to hard drive, use imgburn to create an iso of the rip, mount the iso I want to play via virtual clone drive, open powerdvd and select the virtual clone drive. I have not tried ripping a Bluray yet.

    Is this the best method for now? I tried several programs to burn iso's but found the majority didn't seem to work but that could have been user error. If I move the iso's to a server, will I still be able to mount them with VirtualCloneDrive and watch them with PowerDVD? PowerDVD seems to just open a regular DVD copied to the harddrive so I have not had a problem there.

    Again, thanks for all of the help. I'm a newbie at this and there is a lot to learn.
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    I`m using the same motherboard that you are, I have the HD audio disabled on my Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 and am using a inexpensive audio card to send the digital audio via optical to my Yamaha receiver. I`ve read that using the onboard audio supplied on most motherboards can introduce electrical noise to the audio signal. I figured that if my video needed a dedicated card for processing, upgrading to a dedicated audio card should give me the cleanest, accurate sound. I watched a couple scenes from the Star Trek series and the volume seems normal. What version of PowerDVD7Ultra are you using. I`m using an older version 3104a. If your running a newer version it may have issues with audio on some disc`s. Thats all I have to test the series with. I dont have any experience with iso`s, but a there are quite a bit of forum members here that are experienced working with them and will probably read this post and assist you. You will find this is a great forum where forum members are eager to help others, even newbie`s. I`m sure you`ll be burning iso`s in the next few days with no problems.
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    The Sly directories are a sign that AnyDVD is actively bypassing the DRM :) If the DRM has been removed, there is nothing for AnyDVD to do so the Sly directories won't be there. This explanation is far from 100% accurate I'm sure, but I believe it should be sufficient.

    There is no reason to rip the disc before creating an ISO. You can create the ISO directly from the disc. Current wisdom on this is to create the ISO without AnyDVD running, so that you get an exact copy of the disc and any errors in AnyDVD will not be encapsulated in your ISO.