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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by DQ, Dec 8, 2018.

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    I am a long time user of AnyDVD but I just recently realized that CloneBD performs much of the same functionality that Handbrake does, well at least as I would use them. I typically use a combo of AnyDVD and Handbrake to create mp4 or mkv files of movies.

    My question is, is CloneBD superior to handbrake? I downloaded the trial and tested it out and I noticed 2 things off the bat.
    1) it ripped the movie in about 20mins instead of over an hour
    2) the mkv file it created was enormous compared to Handbake even though I tired similar 1080p settings
    (for example the last movie I did was animated and Handbrake's file was 4GB and CloneBD was 22GB.

    Just looking for some advice and information. Thank you
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    If it's superior only you can tell. But CloneBD can do hardware accellerated decoding AND encoding. Because of that it can indeed do a rip in that time frame. In fact i can do a full disc BD50 to BD25 in under 15 minutes with my 1080. As to the filesize, before you hit "convert" on that screen there's a slider. That'll let you estimate the file size, which you can modify through removing audio streams, changing audio codec, changing channel layout & Kbps,...
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    Thank you very much, it was mostly the speed difference that threw me. That being the case I will probably purchase it. Thanks again!
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