Non-UHD Blu-Ray Bitrate Selection

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by DQ, Apr 28, 2021.

  1. DQ

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    Does anyone have any guidance/advice on bit-rate for Blu-Rays?

    I go lossless on UHD because I am after max quality and encoding those takes forever. But for normal Blu-Ray I had been using 6mb using 265 (I stick to 264 for DVD).

    So I am wondering if going to say 12mb for 1080p is advantageous. I got the 12mb since it's double of 6 obviously but also because 12mb is recommended by YouTube for 1080p.

    I am going back and reencoding some of my favorite movies to add more audio tracks (I was not adding surround for some time) so I was going to bump the bit-rate.

    And yes I have run some tests and I believe I see some noticeable quality uptick in 6 vs 12 but it's not night and day and it could just be a placebo effect.

    So I thought I would sanity check myself with the community on that topic.

  2. Pegasus

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    Like someone else mentioned, I don't think this Forum is monitored anymore.
    I don't have any scientific explanations for my picks, but I use around 14 mbps for TV Shows, 15 for regular movies and 18 for 3D/SBS conversion.
    Sometimes I get encoder failures and have to set it to a different bit rate - Usually I get fewer encoder failures with slightly higher bitrates.
    Another thing I noticed is that some movies don't work at all when you select any subtitle - Deselecting all subtitles usually works fine.
    The few I can't make work at all require the help of Anystream ;)
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    You think wrong. But the the elaborate bytes staff isn't obligated (or any staff member) to post anything.

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    Not obligated, but a courtesy for paying customers.
    Not talking about me here, but ever since I bought the program I keep monitoring this forum for news/updates and noticed that there is not much response at all from the "higher ups".
  5. DQ

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    Just following up here. I ended up re-ripping all my favorite Blu-Rays in 12k bitrate and also to grab all surround audio tracks I had not before. Somewhere between doubling the bitrate and 4k upscaling (which was still there with my 6k bitrate) the movies seem to look significantly better. I wonder if the higher bitrate enables upscaling to function better. Honestly while some movies looked a little better some I could have sworn were 4k (but obviously in this case the source was only 1080p).

    Long story short, even though it doubles the file size I will be encoding blu-rays in 265 and at a 12k bitrate. Seems to make a more than noticeable difference in many (but not all) cases.
  6. studlygoorite

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    Higher bitrate = better video quality (less artifacts), your step up from 6 to 12 proves that. Blurays have, or try to reach a bitrate of 40 but streaming a good quality cable channel or streaming app 25 is good. Before re-ripping all of them I would have tried one at 12 then at 20 to see the difference, but if 12 looks good then you are done. If you had a projector with a 174" screen you would want max bitrate :)