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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by baseb0l, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. baseb0l

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    What settings should I use in cloneDvd Mobile for a Nokia N800?
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    Please add support for the Nokia n770/N800/N810 Internet Tablets!
    Thank You.

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  3. N800User

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    Clone DVD Mobile Support for Nokia N770/N800/N810

    Please add Clone DVD Mobile Support for the Nokia N770/N800/N810 Internet Tablets.

    The N810 is due out this month (November 2007) and I'm sure many purchasers will want to use a one-step process for DVD conversion.

  4. vphoner

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    N800 640x480

    I noticed that the default when using TV shows filmed at full frame is 640x480, but these do not play in the Nokia N800 player without dropping most of the frames. I went down to 320x240 with quality at max. it is acceptable but sometimes the action can get stuttering.

    What advantage is there to use the 3 pass method when creating files for the N800. Will 640x480 ever be supported for tv shows on the N800 or is it just too much for the processor to handle?