No support for Toy Story 1-3 UHD

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  1. donaf

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    Disney just released Toy Story 1-3 UHD format (got mine today, 6/3/19, via mail). Technically the official release date is tomorrow, Tuesday, 6/4.

    I guess I should not be surprised but when I attempted to decrypt the first of the three (Toy Story) there's no support yet at RedFox. Any ideas as to when?

  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Nope sorry, Redfox does not do ETA's. They'll be supported when redfox adds support for them. You'll have to retry occasionally.
  3. donaf

    donaf Well-Known Member

    I appreciate your quick reply. I understand perfectly.

    So far, you guys have been doing a great job keeping up on these unsupported discs! Thanks again for all the great work you do for the user community!

    Updated as of 6/12/19:

    Already have decrypted Toy Story 1 & 2 with only one more (TS 3) to go! You guys rock! Great job and many thanks! I'm hoping for Toy Story 3 soon.
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