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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by randomletters, May 9, 2007.

  1. randomletters

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    When I use AnyDVD, I don't get sound in movies. This is the same for all the DVD movies I've tried. I remember trying, specifically: Unbreakable NTSC (other attributes unknown), The One NTSC (other attributes unknown), XMen 3 "Full Screen" NTSC/USA released 2006 (specific region code unknown).​
    I have AnyDVD and am using Windows 2000 with SP4. I've tried using Real Alternative 1.48 and PowerDVD 5.something. When I turn off AnyDVD and use a player that can deal with CSS, the movie has sound. If I have AnyDVD on and rip the DVD instead of watching it (I've tried #1 DVD Ripper ver unknown and CloneDVD, the resulting avi (#1 DVD Ripper) or burned disk (CloneDVD) has no sound either.​
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  2. Charlie

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    Update anydvd as the latest is :agree:
  3. randomletters

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    I will try that. Hopefully this issue has been fixed. I've had it when trying and as well.
  4. Webslinger

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    Try the disc in a standalone dvd player. Do you hear anything?

    I don't have/use Windows 2000, but I certainly can't reproduce your issue on XP. Anydvd shouldn't be affecting sound during playback (I don't understand how it possibly could).

    Very odd . . . in fact, you're the first person , I believe, to write about this issue in these forums.
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  5. randomletters

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    I'd try it on XP, but the computer I have with XP doesn't have a DVD drive.

    Interestingly enough, I do.

    I burned an ISO of Elephants Dream PAL ( and burnt it to DVD. There is no copy protection on it. It did not have sound whether AnyDVD was running or not... From the last sentance, I've figured something out: I am an idiot. The sound is off, and I only tried the "CSS-enabled" movie player once (on Windows). I use Linux for everything so I didn't notice that I had the sound muted in Windows.
    Which is quite unsurprising, really, under the circumstances.

    I'm really sorry to have bothered you.
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    Feel free to bother me anytime. :)

    I am quite fond of people who can resolve their own problems (saves me from trying to figure out what's wrong). :D

    Plus, if anything, solving your own problem shows you're not "an idiot".

    Oh, I forgot to say "Welcome to the forums!"