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No Skins


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Mar 14, 2007
I just upgraded to the new Slysoft version of GJ, and like everyone else, I'm wondering if there is anything new in this version, apart from it being Vista friendly. One thing I did notice, is there is no choice in the skin menu other than the default Vista blue. I personally prefer another color and dissapointed that this new version appears to have 'holes' in it, compared to the last version published by the former owners of GJ.

I hope Slysoft will come up with a quick rev to fix the non working options in this new version and provide regular updates to address new copy protection schemes. Other then that, its nice to see GJ has a new home!

Azzaro:clap: :clap: :clap:
like their other products they have had regular updates and I'm assuming that skins will be included in the next couple of updates
With all due respect: skins are eyecandy so they are a matter of taste :agree:

I am much more pleased about the "plugin" mode, which should increase the community size.

BTW, is Slysoft going to provide documentation about that feature? :clap: :D