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  1. AlmightyT

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    I've been using a Sony DVD burner, and Sony DVD-Rs, both purchased at Staples, using both AnyDVD and CloneDVD2.

    AnyDVD version:
    CloneDVD2 version:

    Drive(reader/writer): Sony DVD RW DW-D22A,
    Driver version: 5.1.2535.0

    OS: Windows XP home edition version 2002, service pack 2

    Problematic blanks: Sony DVD-R with accucore Ver.2.1 1x-16x, made in Taiwan
    Memorex DVD-R R4.7 1x-16x PN 3202 5639 made in Taiwan

    Discs that do work: TEON DVD-R R4.7 4x, made in Taiwan

    AnyDVD disc Status:
    No Disc is present in Drive E:!
    SONY DVD RW DW-D22A BYS1 AUG06 ,2004

    CloneDVD Error message: "no recordable media" appears after the image is burned, when I insert the blank DVD-R

    This is the third time I've had a problem with the same model Sony discs.
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  2. customshopkv1

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    Try Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media.
  3. Coaster

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    @ AlmightyT,

    As previously suggested use known proven quality blank DVD Media such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.

    In addition to the use of poor quality blank DVD Media the use of old out of date obsolete DVD Burner Firmware can also cause the problem you are describing.

    In seeing that your Sony DW-D22A DVD Burner has old out of date obsolete DVD Burner Firmware (Version BYS1 4Aug04) strongly suspect your problem is caused by old out of date obsolete DVD Burner Firmware unable to recognize the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) of newer blank DVD Media.

    Suggest reviewing the below CD Freaks Sony DVD Forum posting concerning Sony DW-D22A DVD Burner Firmware. Suggest noting posting #145 and #141 comments on installing version CSOT Firmware ->


  4. Whisperer

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    I think Coaster hit the nail on the head based on the information you provided.
    Sony used to provide good media that was OEM'd Taiyo Yuden, made in japan. They switched about 10 months ago to having their "AccuCore" (ha, ha!) media made by some taiwan company and quality and reliability went right down the drain! And outdated firmware is also why your burner won't burn the new sony media. Firmware updates include new writing strategies for new media that arrives on the market. Your burner doesn't have a write strategy for the media you are using AND your media choices are not good choices anyway as far as quality and "batch to batch" reliability. Suggest you stop using all the media brands you listed (actually you should burn the memorex ... be sure to recycle the melted plastic) and I never heard of TEON brand but you can be sure they are just rebagging some other(?) manufacturer's product and are not in control of the quality of manufacturing or longevity of the materials used.
    God's truth, Allah be praised, in Buddha we trust ... truer words have never been spoken. Your problems will go away.
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  5. AlmightyT

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    Thanks guys. I'll give Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim a try before I mess with my firmware.
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  6. Whisperer

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    Updating the firmware for a DVD burner is automated nowadays (for most brands), is not difficult and is a skill that you will have to learn if you continue with your chosen hobby of backing up your originals.

    Eventually, even Verbs or TYs will discontinue their 16X media in favor of 18X or 20X or change factories etc. Then your burner won't have a write strategy for the new ones all over again.

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