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  1. ta_vodA

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    I have tried to convert a movie (episode of a series) from BD to an mkv-file
    (with all audio streams and with one subtitle stream) (1024x576, AVC, ac3).

    Both versions ( & of CloneBD react in the same way:

    The processing doesn't start, i. e.
    the processing time (verstrichene Zeit) does not increase and
    the remaining time (verbleibende Zeit) is not calculated at all.

    And if I try to push the pause (Pause) or cancel (Abbrechen) button
    Windows reports that CloneBD does not react.
    (klo file, dump file and txt file have been sent to bugs(at)

    So again, I haven't bought CloneBD and
    I wait for the next version of CloneBD ...
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  2. GreenHead

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    I have the exact problem and made a post also.
  3. vomitator

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    So have I, but not for all blurays. It seams to happen with certain blurays only. In my case with Santana - Corazon