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Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by N3bso, Dec 18, 2022.

  1. N3bso

    N3bso New Member

    I have a lifetime license and have been using it for a year or two. when I try to start AnyStream it says:

    No License found for this application...

    I have instructions saved (in my password program) that says to create a text file with name AnyStream_Key_(removed for forum).AnyStream and the text to put inside it, but I don't know where to save it?
  2. lechuck78

    lechuck78 New Member

    same here
  3. nutmonkey

    nutmonkey New Member

    Same. The server is responding with a '400' status code -- bad request. There was likely a back-end software update that needs to be reverted/fixed.
  4. nutmonkey

    nutmonkey New Member

    You can save the file anywhere convenient (Documents, Desktop, etc.). With the correct file extension, it should be recognized as an AnyStream license file, so you can just double-click it. If that doesn't work, run the "Register AnyStream" application and select the file, wherever you saved it.

    Once the license server is fixed ... :cautious:
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  5. Andre riley

    Andre riley New Member

    I have the same problem for anydvd despite having a lifetime license
  6. DeepSpace

    DeepSpace Well-Known Member

    The servers are down, so wait for them to fix it. I guess they are all at sleep right now, so they haven't seen any of these threads now.
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  7. Heracles

    Heracles Well-Known Member

    Oh good.

    I was panicking.

    Sent a message to support & RedFox1.

    Tried to run the the license for my Lifetime License again and it said to relaunch, but get same message.

  8. Froggerfive

    Froggerfive New Member

    Yep Same here.. Did two reinstall and and two restarts. So If servers are down, just have to wait.
  9. Obyan K

    Obyan K New Member

    +1 ... so waiting for the server :rockingchair: