No joy in mudville - Blu-ray player quit on blu-ray disks

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    My Intergra DBS-50.2 player will no longer recognize BD-R, BD-RE and some BD disks. It will spit out a "Disk Error" trying load them. Still works on DVD, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+DL, CD, CD-R and CD-RW. I started to make copies after I had two BLU-RAY movies get disk rot, Stargate and War and Peace. Parts are not available to fix it.

    So I bought a new Sony UPD-X1000ES player and have run into the nasty Cinavia. I only have 18 BLU-RAY movies and only 2 movies have the nasty Cinavia on them. Removing the Cinavia protection makes the sound unusable. If I had two extra BLU-RAY writers I would try to do a bit copy to get a usable backup with my FreeBSD server.

    mount /s01
    mount /s02
    dd if=/dev/sr01 of=/dev/sr02 bs=??? [don't know what block size would work best] CD uses 2048 bytes.
    umount /s01
    umount /s02

    This should give a bit copy of the disk and be a usable backup. I do not know? It will not remove copy protections and will not do a rip which is OK.