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no icon in My Computer


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Jul 26, 2007
Hi !
Sorry for my english ... :bowdown:
i had installed "Virtual Clone Drive" and it work fine ...
now, after some month, the icon it is disappeared.

I have uninstalled and re-installed "Virtual Clone Drive" but the icon it is disappeared.

Please Help Me :confused:
Hi, problem isn't "Virtual Clone Drive" ... I Had installed a fake software and had damaged my system.

Now all is restored, bat a multiple test has blocked "Virtual Clone Drive".

I have problem to install and uninstall "virtual clone drive" see image.


  • Install clone.jpg
    Install clone.jpg
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  • Uninstall clone.jpg
    Uninstall clone.jpg
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did you download and install vritual clone drive from www.slysoft.com website?
if not where did you get your 'fake' software program from?
Oh no ... sorry... :disagree:
fake software isn't "Virtual Clone Drive" ...

I had installed a software for Burn CD and my system crash ...

I have restored all ... but not "Virtual Clone Drive" still
I have resolved the problem ... :agree:

after the installation of "Virtual Clone Drive" , I have gone in control pannel, add new harware ...

I have installed the peripheral manually !!!