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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Arnold Murray, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. Arnold Murray

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    Updated to the hoping it would correct the 'No Acceleration" bug with CloneBD but it did not. nVidia: 391.01 | GeForce GTX 570. It has to be a CloneBD issue as my other programs (Sony Vegas Pro and my TMPGEnc programs are using CUDA). The only explanation I can think of as to why CloneBD is not activating CUDA is I have 2 GeForce GTX 570 cards (not SLI), but I cannot see why that could cause an issue as all the other necessary drivers are up-to-date. Any thoughts from the forum would be most appreciated.
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  2. Pete

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    There's no "no acceleration" bug, that is by design.
    Also, multiple cards are not a problem.
    The GTX 570 has video decoding capabilities, but no built-in video encoder at all.
    Unless you have a very old single-core CPU, using video decoding alone will not speed up transcoding much, in many cases even be slower (partly because video data needs to be transferred between CPU and GPU constantly).

    CloneBD currently doesn't support nVidia cards below compute capability 3.0 for that reason (the GTX 570 has compute capability 2.0 - for reference: current nVidia cards are 6 or 7).
    I can ask Reto whether they'd be willing to allow decoding-only cards, but I'm afraid they'd be opening a new can of worms with support for older adapters that bring no palpable benefit.

    But if you can afford it: a GTX 1050 for roughly 100$ is nearly twice as fast, eats less than half the energy (that is compared to a single GTX 570!) and supports decoding and encoding for Ultra HD with AVC and HEVC 10 bit.
    It will easily replace both your 570s at once (unless you have more than 2 monitors attached).
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    Thanks much for the feedback and especially the recommendation. I'll check it out.