No fox, no job, no future?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ivan, Feb 27, 2016.

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  1. jmone

    jmone Well-Known Member

    How about:
    - To cover Start Up Costs: Release a "Final Version" that does not need the OPD for any Disks up till the closure - and charge $xx, then
    - To cover Running Costs: Introduce a monthly/quarterly/yearly/whatever fee of $yy for updates post this.

    eg, It is then $xx to buy back in and then $yy per period
  2. flat_earth7

    flat_earth7 Member

    Lifetime licenses here since 2006 (that long??) and I would support again as well. I just want to echo everyone else's comments and say thank you for all that's come before - and thanks for at least sticking around here, and considering kicking off again...!
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  3. pete702

    pete702 Active Member

    You're very welcome. And well in a way that's sadly good news about slysoft at this stage. All you have to worry about is those "powers". And if you go completely anonymous the US government and the AACS-LA bastards can just bitch and moan and cry....and that's it.

    If you put your hosting servers in a country that has a big ole F you for the US, you're golden. They are plenty to choose from. That's 33.3%

    Go bitcoin for the funds. Can't trace that crap. Another 33.3%. Pay your hosting with bitcoin and access the servers via vpn's/tor, and you're 100% hidden.

    You just need an internal structure. You already have the folks, you just need to organize it up. That's the last 33.3%

    You can DO THIS!
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  4. Journbon

    Journbon Well-Known Member

    I've been in since 2004 so I'm in all the way. I will gladly continue my support. Count me in!
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  5. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    There certainly are many other pitfalls I don't even know yet. The OPD infrastructure. The "publisher" name (not writing company here). Windows code needs to be "signed". Yes, I can sign the software using SlySoft's cert at the moment, but .... and so on ....
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  6. Userdvd78

    Userdvd78 Member

    Or a fair licence system. I pay for use one hundret of time AnyDVD ...... which ensures also their jobs and our Up-Dates.:)(y)
  7. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Hard to believe, but that's the most scary part. ;)
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  8. Anthony1uk

    Anthony1uk Well-Known Member

    Have been a lifetime subscriber since January 2006 - so over 10 years now. I was literally this weekend planning on buying a lifetime to passkey with their 20% off offer. But with this, DVDfab have lost a sale as I will wait to rebuy this as either another lifetime/yearly sub.

    My strong advice though would be three things.

    1. Do not call the resurrected company Slysoft. Call it something else. SlyFox. RedFox, UnitedFox anythng but Slysoft.
    2. Change the name of AnyDVD to anything else, e.g call it DVDmagic, DVDmate, DVDpassion, SocerersMagicToolbox anything else but the original name
    3. Try to find someone who actually lives and is a citizen of the country you want to be based from (Brazil, Russia, China) to be the figurehead owner of the new company.

    I am not a solicitor, but the three above seem commonsense to keep out of any iffy situations.

    Another thing to check, the owner of Slysoft may have done a settlement with the AACS that as part of the settlement is confidential and hence why he has not told nobody, where he may have signed away the rights/ownership of AnyDVD to the AACS.

    It was similar to DVDDecrypter and what happened to them. Macrovision (I think) sued the creator of DVDDecrypter and part of the settlement he signed the entire rights away of the software to them. They owned it from then on in.

    He owned the source code though so came out with Imgburn. The exact same base software just with a different name and did not decrypt anything. (Before someone jumps on this, this is just what I remember reading at the time those years back of what happened).

    So by keeping the name AnyDVD it could be problematic.
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  9. whatever_gong82

    whatever_gong82 Well-Known Member

    I would laugh my @ss off if James and company manages to succeed to get Slysoft and all the products such as AnyDVD HD back up and running in a new form, manages to take out AACS 2.0, cure Cinavia, and then all the sudden, Fengtao/Passkey all of the sudden 'finds' a way to get past AACS 2.0/Cinavia.

    I wouldn't put it past them.
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  10. DaveO88

    DaveO88 Moderator DE

    No matter what happens next, I will be back again:LOL:(y)
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  11. poppywood

    poppywood Well-Known Member

    I also would repurchase my forever updates to support slysoft.
  12. Pelvis Popcan

    Pelvis Popcan Well-Known Member

    Absolutely 100% of course you have my support! I would repurchase for sure.
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  13. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    Nothing worth doing is ever easy, and resurrecting AnyDVD is IMO very much worth an attempt by you and your fellow ex-employees if they want to give it a go.

    All the known and unknown complications and situations is why I suggested maybe AnyDVD needs a new product name.

    Having the same name is good PR, but could also lead to problems from the "powers that be." Releasing an Enhanced Edition of AnyDVD would bring down "the thunder" that flattened Slysoft, Inc.
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  14. pete702

    pete702 Active Member

    Throw out whatever the hurdles are that you are comfortable posting with, and we're happy to brainstorm together. I know on the signing, plenty of ways around that. I'd install a unsigned version of AnyDvd provided I downloaded it straight from you guys as I trust you. So signed / unsigned doesn't matter to me as much as trusting the source, it's just a hassle for the end user. OPD servers, don't know the setup there, but I'm sure we've got some folks on here who can lend expertise.
  15. DaveO88

    DaveO88 Moderator DE

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  16. pete702

    pete702 Active Member

    I can understand that. Maybe you need a verified third party. Plenty of independent firms can to this. You'd have to pay for their services, but atleast you could be assured of equal distribution.
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  17. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member


    Sigh. I really love the name. :(
    As does Google.

    Some team members are in Russia, maybe one volunteers. I don't think anyone is in Brazil, but we have a guy in Hong Kong.

    Yes, you are correct. But I am quite sure, there is no settlement with AACS. The situation would be completely different.
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  18. Pelvis Popcan

    Pelvis Popcan Well-Known Member

    Bitcoin can be troublesome for some people, myself included... :\
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  19. Appz

    Appz Member

    Member since 2004 with lifetime license, but will gladly pay again!!
    Let me know how, when & where to send funds.
  20. pete702

    pete702 Active Member

    Regarding the name, since slysoft no longer exists, I say they stick with the same name under my totally anonymous methodology. Because it still fits. And it has recognition. And they can't be sued for it.

    However I'd like a splash screen in it that says F you AACS-LA and the US government for being so corrupt. We beat you. The will of the people will always beat corruption. Time it with your AACS 2.0 crack. That will leave them with tears in the beers.
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