No fox, no job, no future?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ivan, Feb 27, 2016.

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  1. Sabertooth

    Sabertooth Well-Known Member


    Everything is negotiable. Elby did hitch their cart to AnyDVD for the cinavia fix so I think you might make an argument why they would want to license their code to you to continue that relationship in a new product. I'm sure they're trying to sort out what to do as much as you are so contact them sooner than later so you'll be part of their thought process. They may even be able to help you with some of the trouble spots. Slysoft owes you guys and they might be willing to make a deal too. Don't burn any bridges yet. Try to present the idea to them in terms of their advantage to doing so.

    I hear the Red Fox mentioned all the time so if I was going to make a name change that's what I would pick.

    Obviously, I'll do my part to support you.
  2. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    No elby didnt, it was ANYDVD that hitched onto CloneBD.

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn Nexus 5 met Tapatalk
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  3. uncabrian

    uncabrian Member

    As a owner of all the software except Game Jackal I am destroyed to hear Slysoft was shut down. I feel it was or is the best software on the market for copying personally owned DVD 's and it's ridiculous to shut down such a good company of people that take such good care of their customers by selling dependable software and giving frequent updates on that software. I'm hoping they will find a way to make a comeback and will help or support them if possible. Just tell us how we can help. We all need to stand with Slysoft and get them back in whatever way possible. Thank you (developers and admins) at Slysoft for the many year of helping us backup our collections of movies and games.
  4. jim2664258

    jim2664258 Well-Known Member

    I vote Foxy for the name.

    Here to pledge my support as well.
  5. Sabertooth

    Sabertooth Well-Known Member

    I'm saying the relationship exists and might be exploited for the benefit of both.
  6. vandamme

    vandamme Member

    A raspi 2 with kodi 17 alpha latest build and 3D Blurays I bought and backuped with AnyDVD HD plays 3D like a charm ....
  7. Homeworld

    Homeworld Well-Known Member

    That 24hz mode is pretty special huh? (very good thing) The new Raspi 3 comes out soon they've put Wifi and Bluetooth on there too.

    As for branding, perhaps it's time to try other animals. I realise that a monkey is taken but has anyone considered a goat?
    You could call him Goatse, everyone will feel like they already know him.
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  8. vandamme

    vandamme Member

    The 24 Hz mode is handled fine with kodi latest builds.
    The RPi3 is a little bit disappointing for me because it can't play HEVC 1080p 10 bits due to lack of hardware acceleration ....
    The big advantage of Pi3 is that you can plug an external HDD without any external power supply contrary to Pi2
  9. sf49ers

    sf49ers Active Member

    I'm here to stay as well! Always had great support from this team!
  10. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    I know James mentioned the Raspberry Pi, Fire TV, etc. I'm all for the possibility of AnyDVD being made available for more platforms but I'd also want to not see Windows left behind. There's a reason why so many people use AnyDVD already. Accessibility. Useability. You just install AnyDVD and it works. If there is a move to Raspberry Pi, Fire TV, etc, then you are moving to a niche market that contains less people and requires more expertise on the part of the user. I'm a guy who used to root my smartphone. I've long since given up and moved on from that. It has gotten to the point that it isn't worth the time, effort, and annoyance.

    AnyDVD's success is that: (1) It's so easy to use without realizing how technically complex it is and (2) millions and millions of people run Windows. We can't forget about that, IMHO.
  11. mrbass21

    mrbass21 Member

    I have my own setup where I serve my media digitally to my projector. I want my library to live on a hard drive and not in thousands of Blu-ray disks or streaming over "Ultraviolet" in whatever compression they are using I've owned AnyDVD HD for a long time now, and I don't use it very frequently, but consider my money for it well spent.

    I'll be following the project closely, and if the developers decide to not continue or open source the software for AnyDVD, I'd be interested in purchasing the source, just to see how it ticks and satisfy a personal curiosity.
  12. Buchania

    Buchania Member

    Hallo, ich finde es schade das Anydvd komplett eingestellt wurde. Ich hoffe es echt das Slysoft weitermacht um diese lästigen Kopierschutzmaßnahmen abzuschalten. Also ich bin auf jedenfall dabei mir eine Lizens zu kaufen. Ich hoffe das es bald eine möglichkeit bzw. ein neues Program gibt von euch! Ihr habt auch echt hier in Deutschland einige anhänger des Programs. Macht weiter so und lasst euch nicht von der Film industrie unterkriegen!

    Hi, I find it unfortunate that Anydvd was completely set off. I hope it really carries on Slysoft to these annoying copy protection disable. So I'm definitely here to buy me a License. I hope that soon a possibility or a new program is of you! You also really here in Germany some trailers of the program. Keep it up and do not let industry of the film be beaten! Sorry for my bad English!^^
  13. Ragnarok

    Ragnarok Active Member

    It's easy to get bummed, and lets face it the team did a great job of help people liberate their paid for media from the pathetic petty Hollywood trying to make it as difficult as possible to watch your stuff and all the various versions of .

    Whatever happens, if the ex sly-soft staff need to go their own way to start up again, and considering what a bargain the lifetime subscription was back in 2008, I'd be more then willing to pay again ( even the yearly subscription ) if it means you guys can actually get this off the ground.

    It's not even just the ripping the disc's, I know for a fact there has been much virus like trickery attempted by the studios that AnyDVD HD has also been silently protecting us from.
  14. Homeworld

    Homeworld Well-Known Member

    @vandamme That's very good news. FireTV2 24hz seems to be non-existent. Raspi 3 with a with a bus powered 4tb portable 2.5" drive sounds so good. They've put them on sale, I'm buying one right now.

    I wonder if we could get a bus powered blu-ray drive to work. Turn it into an AnyDVD ripping station. Add a port of CloneBD for low noise processing/free up the PC.

    Otherwise, I own the PiHub, you know.. the discontinued USB hub that's shaped like a Raspberry? I'm so excited right now.
  15. mcmenace

    mcmenace Well-Known Member

    Can't help but notice that James, who was seemingly the spox for the ex-employees and possible resurrection has been silent since Friday or Saturday. One of his last appearances he changed the forum name and logo.

    Methinks the wheels may be turning and decisions are being made. If so, that's a good thing whatever happens. The ideas brought up here and all the support matters.

    When he does return, IMO he will have something of import to say.
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  16. Read this.
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  17. Ivan

    Ivan Admin Staff Member

  18. zapdoing

    zapdoing Member

    Has anyone here tried out the ODROID XU4 ($79.-) with the following specs:

    * Samsung Exynos5422 Cortex™-A15 2Ghz and Cortex™-A7 Octa core CPUs
    * Mali-T628 MP6(OpenGL ES 3.0/2.0/1.1 and OpenCL 1.1 Full profile)
    * 2Gbyte LPDDR3 RAM PoP stacked
    * eMMC5.0 HS400 Flash Storage
    * 2 x USB 3.0 Host, 1 x USB 2.0 Host
    * Gigabit Ethernet port
    * HDMI 1.4a for display
    * Size : 82 x 58 x 22 mm approx.(including cooling fan)
    It has USB3.0 as well as GigabitLAN and a really powerful CPU, not to forget double the amount of RAM!
  19. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    James did open the door when he brought up the Rapsberry Pi and FireTV, etc, but let's please not turn this into a technical discussion thread.

    You can have said discussions but create another thread for it? :)
  20. mcmenace

    mcmenace Well-Known Member

    Great read, thanks. Encourage others users to check it out
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