No fox, no job, no future?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ivan, Feb 27, 2016.

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  1. Wildrat

    Wildrat Well-Known Member

    It says Redfox forum now
  2. wittynethandle

    wittynethandle New Member

    I never had a need to register for the forums before, but I just wanted to add that I would definitely buy a resurrected version of AnyDVD. It's a really well made piece of software, and I was fretting over what I would use next. It would be nice, if there really is a reincarnation, if there could be less dependence on an OPD as it's a weak point. We can see that now where if the OPD goes down and you don't already have data cached, a lot of BD+ discs can't be handled.
  3. fraganator

    fraganator New Member

    Another lifetime subscription user (since 2012) chiming in to say thanks, and I support whatever decision the developers make. AnyDVD HD was/is a fantastic product, and I'd love to see it continue well into the future.
  4. mcmenace

    mcmenace Well-Known Member

    See what, if anything happens March 1st. Bills could be paid monthly. Hopefully OPD will remain, same with forum, although with new name doesn't seem like it will be affected.
  5. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    I see this is the RedFox forum now, is that a possible name for a revived AnyDVD company?
  6. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    Last time I checked, the main domain was paid for until 2021. But that's just the domain, that has no control over the future of anydvd.

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  7. My Life Is Tech

    My Life Is Tech Well-Known Member

    Forgive me as I am not aware of how the subscription model used to work, but here's how I'm hoping the new subscription model will work based on others' suggestions.

    One way to keep the offline activation is by allowing a consumer to purchase a subscription-based license for say, a year. This license key will activate any product version up to the date when the key expires. Any updates after this point will need a new key. This way, the old key can continue to activate the old version of the program forever, even if the key is expired, it just can't activate newer versions. Thus, we can keep the old version for however long we want if it still works for our current discs. And we only have to buy a new license to update when we need newer discs.

    My family has always had a lifetime subscription, so it would be a change for us. Thus why I'm hoping the above could be the approach for the new subscription based system. I don't know if it's always been that way however. And a donation system could be beneficial for the team.

    My second hope is as many others have stated previously, is the ability to download the OPD, or to have two different versions of the program, one which is OPD-dependent to save on HDD space, and one that has the OPD built-in, and thus, future-proof if the servers went down.

    My third hope is this. I have heard many speak of porting AnyDVD to Linux... this could be a problem for the average consumer. I am a computer geek, however, I do not use Linux and am not really a fan. I really hate the fact that it depends on dependencies(see what I did there? :p) and seems to be online-bound, requiring constant internet connection to download the dependencies, and downloading and installing programs offline is not nearly as straight-forward as it could be. I'm fine with installing programs via command-line... as long as the programs can be downloaded and installed offline. Otherwise, I have no interest. My point is that I hope that AnyDVD will always continue to be developed for Windows, even if a version for Linux rolls around. Maybe it could be another multi-OS program.

    Maybe for the average consumer the unsigned driver could be a learning curve, but I'm completely fine with it, being computer-literate. Just provide instructions for the users if need be. You could even provide a video tutorial showing how to manage it. (I keep UAC off as I find it annoying as heck. I just try to be careful, and test programs in a VM first to test for viruses. If it's clean, I then install on the host.)

    I am all in and support you guys, and I sincerely hope you can return as the RedFox.

    This is what the fox thinks of the government:
    Image found on Google, credits go to the original photographer. (Sorry for the huge image, I couldn't find a smaller version.)
  8. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    Talking about license subscription models seems to be a bit premature. AnyDVD is still in limbo, not currently being updated.

    If and when the ex-employees decide to revive it will the idea of subscriptions be something of consequence.

    All we users of AnyDVD can do now is show support for the devs and encourage them to consider starting up the development again. There are significant issues only they are privy to, such as code licensed from Elby and the current ownership of the source.
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  9. pooky

    pooky Member

    My brother and two dear friends have bought AnyDVD HD (life time licenses) when I referred them a while ago - and we were so very upset, like everyone else. My friend and I thought it was as upsetting as the news of someone whom we hold dearly has died. We jokingly said that we need to join a support group (lead by a psychologist).

    Count me in and I am sure I can speak for the other three that we're more than willing to "renew" our licenses. None of us uses the program to copy anything illegally. I have a bunch of Criterion blu ray (and DVD) and I want them to look absolutely untouched on my shelve. My friends converts their files for their home server (they have young children and they don't want the kids to touch the original disks.)

    By the way, there was a program that read the disk and send the info to slysoft, helping the team deal with newer protection. I hope that is created again because while I do want to support the Hollywood people by buying the movies, I also want to tell the Hollywood people to get stuffed, as well.
  10. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    There is more to having an online presence than having a DNS domain. There are the costs of server storage and internet bandwidth as well. I'm sure you already know that. :)

    The situation facing the devs is not an easy one because they never had to deal with the nuts and bolts money side of the now dead company. A startup company isn't a cheap thing to do, despite the builtin fan base.
  11. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    I like the little black eye mask on the red fox, that is a nice touch.
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  12. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    I'm well aware yes, hence saying 'that's just the domain'.

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  13. My Life Is Tech

    My Life Is Tech Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I do realize it's too early to talk about it, I just have concerns that I'm hoping can be addressed in the future. I'm more than willing to repurchase the software if the Fox is able to return, and I'm sure my family is too. I support the Fox.
  14. singlecut

    singlecut Active Member

    You have my full support as well. Happy to pay my share of whatever it will take to get a new venture off the ground and running
  15. baldpope

    baldpope New Member

    Yet another new forum member with a lifetime license. Been a customer for a few years now, one of the most useful pieces of software to have as a media enthusiast with a family.

    @James if you see this, please reach out to me re: additional technical resources at your (and team) disposal.
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  16. TechnicallyFox

    TechnicallyFox New Member

    While that is true of the open source programs, my experience with proprietary and closed source Linux software (assuming this is how AnyDVD would be released as mentioned before to prevent the movie industry from seeing the magic) is that the packages they provide usually have everything required in them to run and install it all into /usr or /opt. As long as they included all dependent files in their folder with the package I don't see too much issue with a offline install either.

    Will be interesting to see how things work out, but like all the other's I'll be happy just to have a working product even if I must maintain a Windows machine still.
  17. Pelvis Popcan

    Pelvis Popcan Well-Known Member

    It's amazing how many people have such emotional reactions nowadays to computer nerd crap. (Myself included... seriously... even leading to anxiety and/or depression!)

    This guy has the right idea:

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  18. filupmarley

    filupmarley New Member

    I bought a lifetime license because this is a great product and company. I would absolutely support this in any way I can!
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  19. My Life Is Tech

    My Life Is Tech Well-Known Member

    You've just got to love nature. It's nice from time to time to just be able to get away from everything. As much as I love technology, sometimes it can really stress you out and tick you off. Not to mention the eye strain from staring at a screen for 7+ hours, guilty as charged. I need to start taking breaks more often.

    I'd also much rather live in a small town with a large backyard and plenty of nature, wild animals, forests and woods, rather than a noisy city. I'd still like to be close enough to the city to get to the stores however. But I want an escape to nature as well. Not to mention my dream 60's/70's pickup. ;)

    ...Sorry, getting off-topic. *Ahem*
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  20. _Worf_

    _Worf_ Member

    Well, I've been using Slysoft products since 2006 it appears back before the "HD" era even. Bought every single product too that day in one big mass purchase. When AnyDVD HD came out, I bought the HD upgrade as well for it. Since then, I bought two more full lifetime AnyDVD HD licenses, so I have 3 AnyDVD HD licenses and a license for everything else. Even bought GameJackal back before SlySoft took them over and CloneBD when it came out.

    So long time user of it, and I definitely love AnyDVD HD. I certainly want to see its development continue.

    And crap, I bought MORE because of it - back before Handbrake and makeMKV and the like, CLoneDVD Mobile was the simplest way to just rip a movie to play on a portable media player. I often bought movies twice - the Blu-Ray for watching on my nice TV (not so nice now given it lacks features), and the DVD so I could rip it for my media player.

    Now I rip BDs to my hard drive so I can put it on my Zappiti player (Dune HD clone), or one of the many other players out there that can play BD-ISOs. And the case goes on the shelf.

    So yes, I'm in on the resurrection. I might not be able to purchase 3 life time licenses, but I'll be good for at least one. I bought spares back then as just-in-case - I really only ever used AnyDVD HD on one machine (the one with the Blu-Ray drive). So the other two licenses were really supporting the company.
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