No discount for lifetime license holders when purchasing Any Stream?

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by Balor, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. Balor

    Balor Well-Known Member

    Why do owners of lifetime licenses for AnyDVD and CloneCD not receive a general 20% discount like new customers when purchasing AnyStream?
  2. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    Sais who? There's currently no discount active for any product. Redfox is currently working on a new cc payment channel. When that goes live, a discount will be activated.
  3. Balor

    Balor Well-Known Member

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  4. Ch3vr0n

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    You said owners of a license. Those are screenshots for getting a license. 2 different things. That said, as I explained above, there will be a discount period once the new cc payment channel goes live.

    So you have 2 options.

    1. Wait for that channel to go live and get the discount
    2. Purchase now, redfox will certainly appreciate the support.

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  5. Balor

    Balor Well-Known Member

    How long do lifetime license owners have to wait? 1 month, 1 year or never?

    I quite believe it.
    I am of the opinion that new customers should not receive more benefits than existing customers.
  6. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    You know as much as i do. As long as it takes for them to setup the new payment channel. Considering Redfox is considered an "outlaw" by payment providers, it's not easy to set one up.

    And they don't. When the discount will be up, it will be valid for everyone. New and existing.