No Blu-Ray action with powerdvd8 Ultra

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  1. dinodog

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    Hi All.
    I'm new to the Blu-Ray disk format and have just spent a couple of thousand dollars in a new PC system with a pioneer blu-ray drive. I was able to get a blu-ray to play on my new 9600gt extreme graphics card but as Nvidia decided to remove the Full Screen video option from all driver for card from the 8000 series and up, it rendered my HD projector to displaying about 1/3 of video display because of double the amount of black bars at the top and bottom of the screen, Anyway, that a different topic.
    So, I put my older 7800gtx card in the new machine hoping that I would get the fullscreen option back, and it did. But I've struck a problem with playing Blu-ray disks. It seems Powerdvd Ultra is somehow stopping me from playing Blu-Ray. The message says incompatible graphics drivers, error code 0012. I thought the latest version of anydvd was supposed to allow me to play blu-ray and remove the graphics driver and graphics card incompability...Anyway, I'll attach all the log files and the Powerdvd error for you all to look at.
    My system and program specs:
    Quad core at 3.0ghz.
    Gigabyte ex38 ds5 M/B
    2 gig of 1066 RAM
    7800GTX 256MG Video card, 84.21 drivers
    19in widescreen monitor conected via DVI, and Epson 1080HD projector connected via Components plugs running at 1080i.
    Windows XP Pro Srv Pk 2
    PowerDVD Ultra 8, build 80401
    Anydvd 6432

    Anyone have any thoughts? Yes I could download the latest drivers from Nvidia and I will try that but I'll lose the full screen ability that I currently have and if that happens then there is no point playing blu ray. The aspect ratios are all out and there are too many black bars top and bottom of the screen.

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  2. James

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    Uh? At least undex XP the Nvidia 8800GT works like it should (usual problems like PC/video level problems aside).
  3. DigiMagic

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    I am using latest Nvidia drivers for 8600gts and there are no problems whatsoever playing blu-ray, hd dvd, dvd, mov trailer files full screen on hd projector... I would try creating a 'restore point' and installing latest drivers - you should be able to return back to previous version either by restoring to stored 'point', or using 'rollback driver' feature (never used it personally though...).
  4. SamuriHL

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    Yea, I've got an 8800 GT in Vista and I've got 0 problems with it using the latest drivers for both games and video playback. I couldn't be happier with that card tbh.
  5. Bigrick

    Bigrick Well-Known Member

    since were all putting our two cents in im working with an 8500gt and 8600gts also working just fine with the newest drivers
    maybe it has something to do with the 9 series
  6. dinodog

    dinodog New Member

    ok, so I've now installed the latest drivers from Nvidia (175.16) and I notice they have finally re-installed the full screen video option. Good.
    Well, now we have a new problem. Full screen video works just fine with all other video like normal DVD and AVI file formats except Blu-Ray. When I play a blu ray disk I now get no video at all on the projector. It's only visiible from the monitor. I read in the FAQ from the Cyberlink website that Blu ray doesn't allow display of video on 2 outputs at once, only the monitor or the projector. If your hooked up to the component out for a projector, how do you tell it to output to only the projector?
    How do you guys connector a projector or large screen to your PC's? Are you using the second monitor option or are you too using the Component out dongle that came with your graphics card? Let me know can you. So you guys have no problem with displaying 2 images off a blu-ray disk at the same time? That's funny, why mine then. If you can let me know what setup your using and what versions then I'll keep bashing away. Blu-ray is a bit new to me but Home theatre PC's are not. I should be able to get the required output , it's just very frustrating. I'm also running the latest AnydvdHD.
    cheers guys.
  7. Bigrick

    Bigrick Well-Known Member

    that is true it does not allow to imput of video at the same time it need to be on one screen or the other. i have the exact same hook up
    if you want it to out put to the projector you can do 2 things one you can make the projector you main display and itll output it there first and show the video there or to set this as a double display and just drag the video over to your second display(the projector) but i have found out thats these are the only ways that it will work all this can be changed if you go under the Nvidia controls
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