No ANyDVD HD Trial?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by dyno, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. dyno

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    Hi there my dad bought me AnyDVD a couple years ago and i have to say best program i have ever used. I'm trying to rip Blu ray Movies via my PS3 now but i want to try out AnyDVD HD and make sure it will work just as good as AnyDVD works with regular movies but in my AnyDVD the BR and HD sections are grayed out is there no way to get a trial of AnyDVD HD before i buy it to see if it works ripping via my ps3. I've found detailed instructions but i need AnyDVD HD for it to work right. Anyway if theres anyway to get a Trial of AnyDVD HD.

  2. TM2-Megatron

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    Since you already have a registered version of AnyDVD, I'd imagine you would need to completely uninstall that first, including the registration information (make sure you still have your registration keys, though) for the HD portion of the program to function as a trial.

    As long as you keep installing new versions over existing registered versions, or uninstall without removing the reg. info, the regular AnyDVD will always activate, automatically disabling the HD functions.
  3. dyno

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    Good thinking sir, i will try that out of course if have my key like i said AnyDVD best money i ever spent I'm 90% sure I'll get HD as well but since i don't have a PC Blu-Ray or HD Drive I'm not sure if it will work fully for me

    EDIT: tried to uninstall and remove registration info then when i reinstall it off the site it comes up saying my Trial has expired then when i run the key again the HD part is grayed out again.
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  4. Jill

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    Well, you need at least an HD-DVD or Blu-Ray drive and your system needs to be able to display HD DVD data, see system requirements:

    Usually, as a registered user, you can just insert an HD DVD or Blu-Ray into your HD-DVD or Blu-Ray drive and test those features for 21 days.
  5. dyno

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    the way I'm trying which other people said works you rip the iso from the ps3 to a PC, mount the image with Nero then use AnyDVD HD to decrypt it so i can stream it though my PC, so the PS3 acts as the Blu-Ray drive that I'm missing. a few people say it works and i want to try it before i buy the HD upgrade, which is why I'm wondering why I'm not getting the 21 day trial, if it doesn't work because of 1 thing or another i wouldn't want to buy the program. It just doesn't seem right that since i bought AnyDVD i cant use the HD trial.

    My understanding is that i have to pay 30 dollars to get the HD upgrade which I'm planning on doing once i can verify this works.

    EDIT: i installed it on my server computer and with the trial the BR and HD options aren't grayed out so its not grayed out because i don't have a BR drive on my PC
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  6. Webslinger

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    You do have to remove your regular Anydvd registration to test the Anydvd HD trial. However, if you're getting your trial period has expired messages after uninstalling your registration key, then you've actually tried the trial version of Anydvd HD in the past (unknowingly, perhaps, but you did--if even for one day . . . and then the timer ticks down).

    Also, all Slysoft prices are now in Euros--not dollars.
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  7. dyno

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    i know i tried AnyDVD about a year and a bit ago before i bought it to try it out and i know that trail expired but I'm 99% sure i never did the HD part unless once it came out when i updated my registered AnyDVD it started a trial of HD which at that point is stupid cause i never knew i had it.
    i'm trying it on my server2003 computer but some files from Nero doesn't load properly i think.

    EDIT: i think i can test HD on my server computer if thats the case this can be closed, but keep it open until i can copy the movie iso to my server.
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  8. clareman

    clareman Well-Known Member

    may I suggest you forgo the trial? IT WORKS. Guaranteed. What's also very nice of them, is they seem to allow you to have copy on more than 1 computer. Updates are PAINLESS. They are SUPER responsive to anything that doesn't copy correctly. WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT THEM?!?!

    I have a plextor bluray drive.....

    BTW, i too have a ps3 and have a udf 2.5 enabled linux installed and it ripped everyone of my bluray also works with SAK. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

    So buy it already :)
  9. deaacs

    deaacs Well-Known Member

    Now hold on, how do you know his PC is going to work with the mounted images? Did you check his hardware already to make sure? Also, the way I understand it HD offers different features to SD - so some features available when ripping a DVD are not available when ripping a BD (like "jump to movie"), right? So I would think these are things he may want to ensure he's happy with.
  10. dyno

    dyno Member

    i wish i read your post before i almost wrecked my server lol but ya i'll be buying it today just gotta ask my dad what email he used to get me AnyDVD.

    thanks you can close this
  11. clareman

    clareman Well-Known Member

    from what I read here, it seems to be working fine for everybody...i fully understand the value of a trial

    this software is kinda unique (in my opinion) and proven and CHEEP

    but yeah he has a right to "try" it!
  12. dyno

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    hi clareman you said you've ripped a BR movie with PS3 and Sak when i tried bridge to terabithia everything seems to go though but run i play it in VLC player it skips i havent tried any other movie yet i'm just wondering if you know why it would skip i know my PC is good enough its a Intel Q6700 with 4GB of Kingston HyperX 800MHZ memory and a 8800GTS 640MB video card and other HD videos i've downloaded from microsofts site and that run perfectly i'm just wondering if you've ever run accross this.

  13. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    I understand the problem, but because of technical reasons it is currently not possible to trial run AnyDVD HD if an AnyDVD trial has expired on the same machine.
  14. dyno

    dyno Member

    Hey dont owrry about it i found a way around it by installing it on a new machine, great software but you guys should try to somehow make AnyDVD and AnyDVD HD trials seperate dunno if its possible lol