Nintendo Wii game backup???


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I wondered if anyone knew how, or if I could make back up copies of the New Nintendo Wii games or the game cube games? Does anyone know the file format they are in? The wii will also play old game cube games.


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This is one area that Nintendo does focus heavily on - SOFTWARE SECURITY. I know were discussing backups and such. I would certainly backup my stuff if possible. If there was a way (and there is out there somewhere) Nintendo would go to extremes with being the hunter of persons involved.

Take for i.e. virtual console downloads - each Wii has a unique ID assigned to it. Thus making game transfers to another unit almost impossible. Unless of course one could take the data and mask the console keys into thinking its legit. As far as disc transfers go everything is pretty much nailed down.

Of course if it can be played it can also be copied! Just my two cents...