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Night at the Musuem Blue Screen

Capt Kaboom

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Apr 10, 2007
Hi has anybody had this problem. When trying to copy Night at the Musuem it starts to compile it in CloneDVD2 ver 29.0.3 on a LG 4163B or a H10N Jul12 and then it blue screens and locks up gives a exception code error any help would be appreciated

I am running XPPro service pack 2 on a DFI SLI DDR UT AMD4800+ 1 Gig Memory 4200 BFG 7900GTX
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I had that problem after installing new memory. I put the old memory back and then I just got a lock-up. So I reinstalled Windows and it has been fine for 3 months since.:confused:
you gave me an idea I installed DvdClone2 and reinstalled and I was able to copy Night at the Museum successfully thats for the tip...
I have also a LG4163B and had no problem with this title.