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    I have a 3 year old. He thinks he can handle DVDs... Need I say more? Nice software! Oh and luckily for me, I walked into a store and bought a big mountain of DVD-Rs, and it was the Verbatim brand, which seems to get a thumbs up around here. (I never know what to buy) Hopefully these things might actually last a little while. I burn my legally purchased iTunes songs to CD for the car all the time and those things never last very long. (if these Verbatim DVDs work out well, I'll try Verbatim CD-Rs next time)

    General rant:
    Everything I own is legal. I'm sick of not being able to protect my stuff. (locks don't work. Trust me. I've tried them. Kids are smart and resourceful when they want something.) But thank you for allowing me to backup what DVDs I have left. My kid has managed to destroy probably a half a dozen legally purchased disks. (all movies for him, of course) I have grudgingly replaced some of them, but I get annoyed at the possibility of having to replace them again. No way. I'm done with that. I'm on the verge of boycotting the industry entirely, because of the way they treat customers when it comes to this sort of thing. Your software might actually keep me buying DVDs for longer.
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    Verbatim CD's are very high quality.
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    Good to know. Every single one of my car CD-Rs is dead right now.
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    Heh, I feel kind of stupid in one respect: I didn't discover until about 5 seconds ago that my burner is dual layer. Oops. I could have bought the Verbatim dual layer disks.

    I hardly use my burner so I forget what it can do. It's some Lite-on model. I keep playing it safe and sticking with the old DVD-Rs or CD-Rs.
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    I collect children's movies, and I can tell you the majority will fit on a single disc if you do movie only. There is really no need to go to dual layer.

    Cds- Maxell Pro have the coveted Taiyo Yuden MID code. Made in Japan Fuji's are also TY's, but extremely rare.
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    scratched disks arent always waste , many video rental businesses can re-surface a scratched disk to the point it looks and works like new for about 3-4 bucks .
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    I've never heard of such a service.

    Sadly, one of my Looney Tunes DVDs won't copy due to being scratched SO badly. I'm really getting ticked off at the whole situation. I'm getting desperate. I don't want to buy the whole set all over again just for one disk!! (I now have 3 DVDs that are scratched so badly that not even using anydvd to rip to the hard drive will work)

    Oh and I hear that blue ray is much worse for this (has a thinner protective layer, or something), and this is what the industry wants to settle on. Oh boy, how wonderful...

    I never should have started buying DVDs for my kid. What a completely stupid waste. I'm edging back towards boycotting, now... (I still think that this software is great, though. I wish I had had it about 2ish years ago, though.)

    edit: ImTOO was able to copy the DVD. However, it left all the defects in. So...playable copy, technically, but it artifacts like crazy in one episode. *sigh* I need a new original disk.
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    I'm finding that it has to resize even just the movie. They are all slightly long for one regular 4.7 gig disk. Mind you, the quality meter stays very far in the green, but it's hardly ever at 100%.

    I was thinking that it would be nice to make actual 1:1 backups, though, which is why I was thinking the dual layer disks might be nice. I wouldn't do that for all my disks, though - just the ones that are on their last legs, of which I have a few, sadly.

    I'm going to start ordering disks online. My local stores don't have much by way of selection. Only the garbage ones and Verbatim, and they charge probably twice as much as what they should for the Verbatim ones.
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    a_parent, good luck with backing up your DVD's!! Google fixing a scratched CD/DVD and you'll find a lot of sites:

    By the way, try something that cleans metal like Brasso. I've found out it would fix 85% of my badly scratched up CD's and DVD's. Don't forget to use 2 lint free cloths, one to rub it into the DVD/CD, and the other to buff it until you can't see any scratches, and then use AnyDVD to back up the DVD.

    Good luck!!
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    Thanks for the tips. I'm willing to try anything once a disk is to the point where it won't play anymore. I've tried buffing, wax, and was going to try boiling (lol yes, believe it or not, I've found these as tips on various sites) so I don't mind trying more things, even if they sound weird.

    I have more Looney Tunes disks that won't copy. They are the ones from the newer sets where they seem to have decided to switch to a smaller case. Be warned: This case design is the pits. The DVDs fall out of it and that's how they get scratched up so much. (and it's worse if you have a little kid who wants to put the DVDs away) Sort of a similar problem to the Babylon 5 set, which was notorious for disks falling out all the time.
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    a_parent, as soon as I got the latest Looney Tunes DVD set, I backed it up with AnyDVD right after I opened the package. It also helps that I don't have any kids around, and my nieces and nephew live in another state. But, I enjoy being around my young relatives and or kids, and being their uncle, but I don't enjoy having to pay more $$ for stuff I just paid for.

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    Yeah and it really depresses me because I'm the Looney Tunes nut. All that Disney and Sesame Street and so on, I bought for him, but the Looney Tunes are for me, LOL. But he wants to watch them too. Well thankfully my volume 5 (which uses that stupid case design) is still in good shape as it's fairly new. It's volume 4 that is basically in need of replacement at this point. /cry
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    Many studios have a disc replacement program. Usually in the menu of a disc, they have "register your dvd"

    I know for sure Disney has one (imho, should be less money). You could email or contact other studios and ask if they have a similar program.