Newest PowerDVD Version (3730) And ISO's

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    After reading other posts about some having success with ISO's and the latest patch from Cyberlink, I thought that I would try it out with my copy of Sunshine (BD+ disk). Well, here's what I found out (for my case atleast).

    1) After updating to Catalyst 8.1, PowerDVD no longer incorrectly flags my hardware as being non-hdcp compliant. So that means that I can at least play my disks from the optical drive.

    2) I get alot of studdering playing Sunshine from disk. I get no studder that I can detect playing from hard drive (PowerDVD version 3304) and the sound defaults to DTS Surround. I know its debateable, but I think DTS sounds soooo much better and louder than Dolby 5.1, at least with this soundtrack. The only drawback playing from the hard drive with this title is that I cannot watch chapter 16. Trying to navigate to it in any way will lock up PowerDVD. I can watch 15 and 17, but no 16; weird!!!

    3) Making an ISO with ImageBurn using Read mode and mounting in Daemon Tools does NOT work with the latest version of PowerDVD. You get the message "Unsupported format in drive (drive letter)". If anyone knows the trick to making this work with some hidden setting, please share. It does not work for me and i'm going to assume most others.

    So while I am happy that my hardware is no longer incorrectly flagged, the disk performance is horrible compared to hard drive performance even with the newest version (and yes, i checked to make sure hardware acceleration was was). So my only real alternative is to stick with 3304, which works with anything, including BD+ (Sunshine, Spiderman, etc) and forgo Profile 1.1 features. I only really just want to watch the movie anyway.
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    When I make a disc image I first rip it to the hard drive with anydvd hd. I then use imgburn in udf mode to make an .iso. I can play .iso's just fine on 3730.
  3. Jong

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    I don't know why you assume "most others". From posts I have seen it seems about 50/50, and that is just of people who have posted. Normal rule of thumb is that far more people visit a forum/post if they have problems than if they do not. Works absolutely fine here with no "hidden" settings or clever tricks.
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    I do not have any problem playing Sunshine Blu-ray from Disc. Only problem is when I try to play it from hdd with v3730 because you cannot play BD+ from HDD with that version. It works with 3319a but freezes at chapter 16.
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    You do have DMA enabled on your Blu-ray drive, right? Just a thought :doh:
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    The Blu-Ray drive is SATA. Doesn't use DMA. At least you can't set it in the hardware listing the way you could with PATA drives.
  7. PrincipalityFusion

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    If you consider that i mentioned specifically BD+ disks, then that 50/50 split drops dramatically. Also, I've been following this forum for awhile now and one can get a sense from the postings on here when something works and it doesn't. I tried something mentioned by another poster and it didn't work. No big deal, just was mentioning it.

    For those that do claim to be playing BD+ ISO's, either the disk they made it from was not realy a BD+ disk or to put it bluntly, they are lying. Some people get off on trying to make others believe they have something that they really don't.

    Anyways, I was just stating my personal experience with trying to create a BD+ ISO (Sunshine) and successfully play it using the latest patch of PowerDVD. As Daemon tools emulates a DVD drive and not a Blu-Ray drive, i didn't think it would work, but tried anyway.

    It didn't work so on to the next thing. That's all.
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    Fair enough. You are certainly right about BD+.
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    With BD+ discs, that 50/50 drops to zero if you ripped AACS out, since it's already well-known that any builds after 3319a will check for AACS when playing a BD+ disc. I guess everyone just assumed you knew that. Or did you not rip AACS when copying? It's not just a "problem" with the "latest version" of PowerDVD (3730). Your only chance is to play them with 3319a or earlier. That's why some of us have two PowerDVD installs going.

    Can't help you about the drive, sorry.
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    BD+ titles and AACS

    This finally answered one of my questions about AACS and BD+... however I'm still wonder if its possible to rip a BD+ disc to an ISO and then reburn with ImgBurn.. is this possible with or without AnyDVD HD running?

  13. SamuriHL

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    It won't be playable in a stand alone player if you do that. The BD+ protection isn't going to be removed, and most players will refuse to touch it if the AACS is missing.
  14. A Guy

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    Does the new version of PowerDVD stores the BD Regions in a new place, and if so, is there already a way known to reset the counter?

    Many greetings, :)

    A Guy
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  16. hazzad

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    So if you've ripped discs as .iso's leaving them intact then you should have no issues with playback as far as AACS is concerned right?
  17. Peer

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    If you rip discs "leaving them intact" (and if I'm not mistaken that you're saying: "without removing AACS"), then they will no longer work. Because AACS will not be intact - certain parts of the AACS information will not be copied along with the rip. Otherwise AACS would be pretty pointless.
  18. hazzad

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    Ah im better off actually ripping the disc contens then making as iso rather than making as iso straight off? I thought i was better off making the iso straight out as it was safer. Obviously not?
  19. SamuriHL

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    Ok, there's some serious confusion going on in this thread. Let's cut to the heart of the matter here. There are 3 possibilities when ripping a disc.

    -AnyDVD disabled, rip to ISO
    -AnyDVD enabled, rip to ISO
    -AnyDVD enabled, rip to folder

    Option number 1 will leave the AACS encryption and will thus require AnyDVD to be running every time you mount the image. Not necessarily the best option. I only recommend that to people who believe AnyDVD is causing their rips to fail, not as a general practice.

    Option number 2 is the most common option and is highly recommended by me and others. As the ISO is being created while AnyDVD is running, the AACS is stripped off the backup. This gives you the best backup IMO as it's as close to the original as possible minus the AACS encryption.

    Option 3 is fine if you have a player that can play it. It will also remove the AACS encryption. However, if your next step is to then turn this into an ISO, then what's the point? Just make the ISO with AnyDVD running, ala option 2.
  20. hazzad

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    OK here is my scenario. I use my ps3 to make my BD iso's. So obviously i cant remove AACS at that time. So what is my best option to turn a PS3 ripped BD into something that can be played in thre newset version of PowerDVD? COuld i just mount the intact image in daemon tools let anaydvd run and use imgburn to create a new image from there? Or should i do it another way?

    Im only finding that the newset Fox titles are giving problems with an error saying unsupported disc format when i try to play. I assume this is what id expect if AACS was still intact with the latest Powerdvd?