Newbie - trouble with Inconvenient Truth & The Wild

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    Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum!

    I've had good successes so far with burning DVDs but lately hit two snags and hoping you guys can help!

    Inconvenient Truth

    I ripped the original DVD onto my HDD (folder C:\DVD\Inconvenient Truth) and it automatically created two folders "Disc1" and "Disc1". In each of these folders, the usual subfolders were created, Audio_TS and Video_TS.

    My problem is when I then try to burn from the HDD to a DVD-R, I can't select the "C:\DVD\Inconvenient Truth" folder because it says it does not contain any video files. I CAN select "C:\DVD\Inconvenient Truth\Disc1" and "C:\DVD\Inconvenient Truth\Disc2" separately, but I then find I have to burn each into 2 separate DVD-R's!!!!

    How do I put it all onto ONE DVD-R?

    The Wild
    Can't even read the DVD source with the DVD-9 error?!

    I'm using CloneDVD Vers. 2.85

    Any advice would be very, very much appreciated!!!

    Sorry if the query seems silly!! I'm new at this...!
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    download and install v2.9.0.3 now-it'll cost you nothing:agree:
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