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Newbie - trouble with Inconvenient Truth & The Wild


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Apr 7, 2007
Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum!

I've had good successes so far with burning DVDs but lately hit two snags and hoping you guys can help!

Inconvenient Truth

I ripped the original DVD onto my HDD (folder C:\DVD\Inconvenient Truth) and it automatically created two folders "Disc1" and "Disc1". In each of these folders, the usual subfolders were created, Audio_TS and Video_TS.

My problem is when I then try to burn from the HDD to a DVD-R, I can't select the "C:\DVD\Inconvenient Truth" folder because it says it does not contain any video files. I CAN select "C:\DVD\Inconvenient Truth\Disc1" and "C:\DVD\Inconvenient Truth\Disc2" separately, but I then find I have to burn each into 2 separate DVD-R's!!!!

How do I put it all onto ONE DVD-R?

The Wild
Can't even read the DVD source with the DVD-9 error?!

I'm using CloneDVD Vers. 2.85

Any advice would be very, very much appreciated!!!

Sorry if the query seems silly!! I'm new at this...!