Newbie Q: VHS-DVD. Can I use CloneDVD?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by sgt242, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. sgt242

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    Newbie question:
    Can I use CloneDVD to assist me in copying my old VHS tapes and then burn them to DVDs?

    If not, what can I use?

    Thanks for the help...I like this idea of a forum to ask these questions, because I am a senior who is trying to figure these things out.

    Much appreciated!!!
  2. replimaster

    replimaster Member

    In the same boat, Sgt.
  3. medic1638

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    No, you won't be able to use CloneDVD for that purpose.

    Before DVDs, I used to use Dazzle Video Creator Plus to create MPEG files from my VHS tapes. They (Pinnacle) have since come out with Dazzle Video Creator Platinum which will do everything that you have mentioned, and then some. Along with the software, is a device that allows you to connect your camera or VCR and transfer that info direct to file or DVD.

    Here is a link for more info on that product:

    And, thanks for your question. In part, it is somewhat the same thing that I was asking in another area. I forgot about how well the Dazzle stuff really worked!
  4. airbearmd

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    Dont forget Copy Protection

    "Medic1638" is on right track as long as the VHS tapes arn't copy protected. The old method was to remove the Horz. sync signal. There is probably still some devices on line you can get to restore signal quality. Macrovision was another method. Point is you need to restore signal quality to get them through Pinnacle software to convert. Clearly this only pertains to "Store Purchased" tapes!:eek:
  5. ventor

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    VHS is analog, DVD is digital so it must be converted first. The easiest method I have found was using a GoVideo deck which copies VHS to a DVD
  6. sgt242

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    These VHS tapes are of my kids & grandkids, so I don't think they are copywrited. I have so many wires, cables and some digital video recorder that came with my HP laptop. Do you know which wires/cables I use and do I have to use that digital video recorder box?

    Thx again for help...
  7. medic1638

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    No ..not knowing what exactly came bundled with your HP computer, I wouldn't even guess. It sounds though as if it might be worth checking with HP's support team. MAYBE....they can tell you.

    Good luck!
  8. sgt242

    sgt242 New Member

    Thanks for your assistance...I am going to give HP a shout.
  9. Voltsrme

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    I have had great success with the Liteon VHS to DVD recorder from Costco. I transfered hours of old family and hunting vhs tapes. The only issue I had was it records in real time.