Newbie! How to make use of this program!!

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    I am completely new with all of this. I got this program for Christmas hoping it would copy movies so I could put them on my i pod. I have been trying all day to copy a movie but I'm not quite sure what file im supposed to copy the movie to or how to see the movie once it is copied. Please help!!!
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    Anydvd decrypts. If you want to put movies on your Ipod, then try Clonedvd Mobile with Anydvd running in the background.
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    Newbie Now What

    I dowloaded clone dvd mobile like suggested to get my movie on my i pod, but I still don't know what to do after. I don't know how to get the movie files into my itunes. Help
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    Generic Answers for Itune Help

    I'm not sure if you got your problems solved or not, but here you go, hope it helps out.

    How to get your movies after compiled into Itunes so that you can get it on your Ipod.....

    There are a number of ways to do it.

    1. open up itunes.
    2. upper left hand corner click Files.

    Multiple choices....from here, which one you choose will work....

    3a. scroll down to "add file to library" and select it, a window should open up then point to whatever file, movie, music you want to show up in Itunes.

    3b. scroll down to "add folder to library" and select it, a window should open up then point to the folder that you want imported into Itunes to be shown within it (it will copy the entire folder over)

    3c. scroll down to "import" and select it, a window should open up then point within whatever folder you want to have the file imported into itunes.

    Now 3a, 3b, 3c does the samething.

    3b is really useful say if you have 35 songs in a folder, and want to copy the entire 35 songs, it will then import everything in that folder over automatically. making it easier to deal with than 3a, 3b methods. They all work, I'm lazy so for multiple files I use 3b.

    This is should more or less answered at Apple's Tech site versus here, since Itunes has nothing to do with Slysoft's software....

    If you import the movies from your hard drive, it should show up in your library in the movies section if it's a movie format as an example.

    Then simply click on movies, you should see your movie and then drag the movie to your ipod within Itunes, it will autoplace it for movie for you. (your ipod section within Itunes) Be sure your ipod is docked with Itunes to make it work :)

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    I'm here

    June, I use this program a LOT and will help you in any way. Here is a walkthrough of how to use Clone DVD. On this page they leave out the part where you have to have AnyDVD running to remove DRM protection to allow copying.

    Just go through the series of pages once and you should be ready to roll. It's monkey simple once you learn how to do it.

    Reply to this or private message me with any problems and I will get you up and running. I love this software to death and will be glad to help!