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    Not sure what setting is messed up or what i did but my clonedvd2 now just burns the movie to disc as a _ts file.
    I go thru the entire burn process ,eject disc, insert disc and at that point media player should play i have to click on the dvd drive, it shows a audio_ts file and video_ts file, click on video ts file and movie plays.
    Windows xp, Liteone Ldw 411s burner (fsok firmware), any dvd ( clonedvd2 (

    Worked ok a few months back...appreciate the help..
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    Not file. Folder

    Not really . . .

    1. Anydvd stops autorun. And for good reason . . . Some original original discs can install nasty rootkits and other unwanted programs. Click the red fox icon on your toolbar. Go to "Video-dvd"-->"settings". Right click on "PC-friendly", and read what the description says.

    2. If you lose your file association with your dvd player software with dvd discs, your dvd player software won't start automatically. I'm not sure/don't think that's the case here though, since when you click on the video_ts folder the dvd plays.

    Folder--not a file

    That's normal.

    Folder--not a file

    Also normal

    This issue you're having has nothing to do with Clonedvd by the way. Moving thread to the Anydvd forum . . .
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    Technically a folder is a file I think.
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