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    I´m using Any DVD and Clone DVD 2 so far and plan on jumping on the Blu-ray band-wagon since the format war is settled.
    I have some questions so about my system considering the use of Any DVD HD.

    1. I have an iMac with Intel Core 2 Duo 2,33 Ghz, 2GB RAM and an Nvidia GForce 7600 GT with 256 MB memory and I´m also running it
    on Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit. Since the computer and the display are one unit there is
    of course no HDCP connection between them.
    Is this System in general fast enough to process HD Video on Blu-ray seamlessly?

    2. I have to buy an external Blu-ray drive since it it impossible to change the internal drive for me ( Matsushita DVD-Writer ).
    Which drives are you recommending?
    The drive should not be manufactured by Matsushita/Panasonic to overcome the Region problem in AnyDVD.

    3. With AnyDVD will I be able to watch movies seamlessly as if I had an HTCP Graphics card and Display connection ( as far as I know Power DVD Ultra is also needed)?

    4. Is it possible to back up Blu-ray movies to the harddrive and back them up on blank BD-R or BD-RE?

    5.Will those backed up movies play on any stand-alone BD-Player (preferible PS3)?

    6.Can the files also be played from Hard Drive seamlessly?

    7. As BD+ titles are concerned, those can only be played back with an older version of Power DVD Ultra and cannot be backed up to blank media?

    8. How will BD-ROM-Mark change the whole situation. As far as I know there are no titles so far with it?

    Thank you already for your help!
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    I found on my system (similar CPU with a 7600GS) the video card wasn't cutting it, particularly on some titles like Transformers. My CPU would go into the 90's frequently. I swapped it for an ATI HD2600 and CPU usage dropped to less than 20%! The card only cost $99 at the time, probably less now.

    Are you running windows in an emulator?
  3. Ollie

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    No, the Intel-Macs are capable of running Windows natively since they use Standard-PC components. Just the BIOS is emulated since they only have Intel´s EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface).