New WinDVD BD/HD-DVD does not work with Anydvd HD

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by Rathbone80, Jun 1, 2007.

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    I don't know about that version in particular, but recent VAIO-OEM versions of WinDVD will not play unencrypted content at all.
    About not supporting the XBOX360 drive: I doubt that very much - how do you tell? (after all, you'll have trouble finding anyone with a different HD-DVD drive at all - are there any available yet?)
  4. Rathbone80

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    It is the "real" version of WinDVD HD for Windows Vista and GeForce 8xxx cards only. When you try to play a disc, it says ""Connected HD DVD device is not supported". In BD-Mode playback only works without AnyDVD HD.
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    Seems like it is much easier to mention what this new version of WinDVD works with than to mention what it does not work with.

    If it doesn't work with Xbox add-on, I highly doubt SlySoft or anyone else can do much.

    Does it at least play unencrypted HD/BD content from HDD, be it folder or mounted ISO in full resolution?
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  6. wdgoldstein

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    Won't even install

    Downloaded the Windvd.exe file and attempted to install. The WinDVD advisor thought my system was just fine but once the installation program begins I get a really strange error message. "This is Not a Valid System. Setup will Abort." Called their tech support and at first the tech did not even seem to know that the product was available for sale. Then he could find NO reason why it wouldn't install. They are issuing a Credit to my credit card. Afraid they are not really selling a workable product as yet.
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    Is there a trial version? Didn't find one.
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    HP 2.4X HD DVD-ROM, 5X DVD-ROM, 14X CD-ROM USB 2.0 External HD DVD-ROM reader Model HD100 - Retail. Comes with PowerDVD 6.5 OEM.

    Only $449.99 :)
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    I know Intervideo states it's for GeForce series 8XXX cards only - has anyone tried it with anything less like Series 7600 yet?
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    Would it be possible to include a function for AnyDVD HD, which creates some kind of "Dummy Encryption" for bad software players like WinDVD HD/BD?
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    Sure, if I manage to get WinDVD to run *at all*. Until now, I failed. WinDVD *never* worked for me.
  12. SuperGoof

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    While experimenting with WinDVD to find a way to reset its BD region counter, I come up with another idea:

    WinDVD BD for VAIO does not allow you to select files on hard drive to play. It only allows playback from CD/DVD/BD etc. drives, including virtual drives created by VirtualCloneDrive.

    So I thought it would be good if VirtualCloneDrive is able to create virtual images on the fly from folder(s) on the hard drive. You should be able to specify the file system as well (ISO, Joliet, particular version of UDF or their combination). It should recognize VIDEO_TS folders and place files in that virtual image according to .IFO files. It should do the same for HD-DVD/Blu-ray folders (if it makes sense for them, I don't know).

    From user interface point of view, it could be an option in right-click menu, in addition to "Mount..." and "Unmount". It could be "Mount from files..." or something like that. It opens a window similar to those common for burning programs like Nero or Roxio. User adds files/folders there, selects desired file system and clicks "OK". Virtual image is then created "on the fly".

    Is something like this possible at all?
  13. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    This idea isn't new, and it would be possible, although not an easy thing to do (and for a free program like Virtual CloneDrive... I dunno)
    I was thinking about it for a while. But first things first...
    1.) Change AnyDVD ripper allow writing of .iso images
    2.) Change Virtual CloneDrive to work reliable on Vista
    3.) Change Virtual CloneDrive to work reliable with PowerDVD & WinDVD
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    What if AACS requires that their licensees detect Anydvd and refuse to playback anything if it is installed? Or they refues to play back anythign that doe snot ahve encryption, and that becomes a conditio for the AACS license for a computer software player?:(
  15. James

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    Unlikely that the licensing partners (Nero, Cyberlink & Co.) are going to sign this, as AnyDVD helps them to sell *more* player software (if the studios would think it through, AnyDVD helps them to sell more movies, but this is another story...)

    Don't think this will happen. The small studios which have released HD HDVDs without decryption will not be pleased at all, that PC player software suddenly will not play back their titles anymore. On Blu-ray rom encryption already is required.

    Again, don't buy BD discs. Do not support this format. Avoid it. It sucks. It is very dangerous to support a format, where the *key* promotor is a content provider and a standard provider and a copy protection provider and a consumer electronics provider!
  16. FTX

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    It would also be nasty for home-user like myself that bought HD videocamera. I can only write stuff on disc without encryption. And because of the high-capacity needs, several camera's come with hard-drives or memorystick for storing the video. How would they expect people to archive their HD family video in HD if they can't play it back in HD?

  17. Octavean

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    Not to be contrary but,..

    I get the distinct impression that its not up to the licensing partners at all. Any protection mechanism that is decided upon (without licensee consultation) including not playing files from the HDD, not playing unencrypted media, not playing anything after the detection of circumventing software or whatever would seem to be compulsory. Rather that is to say that compliance / conformity is compulsory.

    Serious legal action can be taken against manufacturers of hardware and software that don’t take timely appropriate action to address holes and compromises. Its simply not up to Nero, Cyberlink and others.

    I hope your right but if you are I suspect that its more of an issue of not wanting to drag the licensing partners (software companies in this case) into court.
  18. SuperGoof

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    WinDVD BD for VAIO does play unencrypted BD content after all!!!

    Hi Peer and James!

    I have a news for you: WinDVD BD for VAIO does play unencrypted BD content after all!!!

    Ever since this rumour started that it does not play it, I was wondering how is it possible that PS3 plays unencrypted BDs, while WinDVD doesn't.

    So yesterday I setup an experiment: I burnt BDMV folder of "Happy Feet" movie (previously created on hard drive with AnyDVD ripper) to TDK BD-RE disc using "Burn Disc..." utility of Roxio DVDit Pro HD program. I started with this program as I remember posts saying that BDs burnt by it played in PS3. And the resulting disc played perfectly by WinDVD!!! And it was regardless whether AnyDVD was enabled at that time or not. PowerDVD played that disc as well.

    I started experimenting with other burning programs as well. BDMV folder burned by Roxio 9 "Home" played by WinDVD BD too. But it did not play by PowerDVD for some reason. Also I'm going to test discs burnt by ImgBurn, Nero Burning ROM and possibly packet writing programs like Drag-to-Disc.

    My understanding is that Blu-ray does not have that stupidity of DVD that files store inside them their positions on disc, and this is entirely managed by UDF 2.5 file system. So if BDMV folder is on disc with UDF 2.5 file system, it should be playable.

    So the question now is why WinDVD does not play BDs modified "on the fly" by AnyDVD. Can it be because of the "SLY!" folder? Can you get rid of it entirely? And even return zeroes when program accesses sectors which belong to files from "AACS"/"SLY!" folder?
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  19. Adbear

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    You can also make them in Nero, choose Make Blu-ray disc, then go to the UDF tab and manually set to 2.5 then burn it and it works. I have a few of mine backed up even dual layer 50gb bd-re's work this way as well
  20. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    From BD-ROM media (as this is required by the stupid BD standard, in fact PowerDVD ignores this requirement).
    The good news are, that it plays it from BD-R / RW media like it should.