New UHD / 4K Read Friendly Hardware Supply and Upgrade Servicces

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Jan 5, 2009
Hi Everyone,
Like you I have experienced the tedium associated with getting so called "UHD Read Friendly" functionality out of ASUS / LG and other drives. Yes its a nightmare, bricked drives, Malware ridden software and even then mucking around loading ancient OS's on your system and risking bricking the drive AND damaging your precious Windows PC. Been there bought the T Shirt. However this can be done if you know what you are doing, takes time, patience and above all deep pockets to absorb your mistakes! However I can help. I realise that there are similar services out there but I like to think mine is unique -

I Offer

Supply of a new drive upgraded with new UHD Read friendly software. YOU choose which firmware you want. I can supply ASUS BW-16D1HT, ASUS BC 12D2HT and LG WH16NS40 (Rebadged ASUS / LG identical inerds)! Range will expand soon.

A Service to flash the above drives if you already own one

Warranty friendly service. No matter which option you choose I have all this figured out. Meaning if you need to claim on the manufacturers warranty I will ensure the drive is returned in factory shipped condition. This has caused many issues to their customers.

OK so I am new on the market but you can trust me to provide a first class service at a reasonable price backed up by a 100% satisfaction return policy.

Checkout my services and terms on the following links -

Please do get in touch via this forum or ebay if you have any questions
Moved, the uhd section isn't a drive selling market place. It's for disc related issues only.

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