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  1. wheeljack

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    im sure this is a dumb question,but i am new to hd-dvd as in backing up.
    do i need a hd-dvd burner in my pc as u need a dvd burner for norm dvds?
    hd-dvd bland meida and so am looking to buy a hd-dvd player as i have upgraded to a hd tv.have backed up many dvds but want to know if i can do the same waith hd-dvds with the same ease?.so just want to know wht all i need to get going to back hd-dvds?.thx guys.
  2. SamuriHL

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    In order to back up an HD-DVD you need several things. First and foremost is an HD-DVD reader/burner for your PC. Good luck on that. They're rumored to exist but I've yet to find one in the wild. And if you do, it'll likely not be cheap. Assuming you find that, the next thing you'll need is your handy copy of AnyDVD HD so that you can rip the HD-DVD to your hard drive. Once it's on the hard drive, assuming Nero can do this (I think it can), you can then burn the folder to a blank HD-DVD R assuming you can find one. So yes, I do believe what you're asking to do it POSSIBLE, it just might not be feasible...yet.
  3. James

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    At the moment, it is cheaper (and much faster and more reliable) to buy some external hard drives instead of Hd DVD / BD burner and HD DVD or BD media.
    As a cheap HD DVD reader, you can use the XBOX360 HD DVD drive.
  4. wheeljack

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    explanation please.

    thank you for your fast response.
    but may i ask for an explanation in wht you mean in useing external hard drives,as in how do i back up in this method and for the xbox hd-dvd player how is this or is it used in this meathod?im am sorry for being a total noob here just not sure wht im getting into with backing up hd-dvds,or atleast
  5. SamuriHL

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    No problem. What James is eluding to is using a Media PC for playback. You can get a Media PC that can be hooked up to an HDTV via HDMI and get PowerDVD Ultra for HD-DVD and BluRay playback. Then you could get an Xbox360 HD-DVD drive and plug it in to the Media PC. (It's just a usb external drive that plugs into the Xbox 360 via can just as easily plug it into a PC which most of us do.) What he's suggesting is to rip the HD-DVD's to a VERY BIG drive(doesn't have to be external) and use that for playback. If you have any more questions on this concept, please ask. We can go into further detail. AnyDVD HD makes it all possible. Also, with AnyDVD HD, you do NOT need HDCP compliant hardware for playback. Meaning if you have DVI or even RGB on your HDTV you can use a "non-compliant" machine to do the playback as long as it's fast enough.