new: support for cropped videos for MP4/MKV output (e.g. cinemascope height reduction)

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by BrianG61UK, Dec 15, 2020.

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    What's this?
    I can't see any way to output 1920x800 video for Blu-Ray discs consisting of 1920x1080 video with black bars top and bottom, which I would have thought is what's required.
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    There it is.
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    Please keep in mind that if you crop the black bars and you play then on TV (or any device with a screen for that matter), if the resulting video's aspect ratio then doesn't match that of the playback monitor, that monitor will simply add the black bars back to 'fill the screen'. There's nothing CloneBD will be able to do about that.

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    However it doesn't work very well.

    I tested with "The Hunger Games".

    I think it must be trying to work out where the black bars are by examining the image. There is still a narrow black bar above the video in the resulting mkv file.

    I think the result should be 1920x800 but it gives me 1920x808 with a narrow black bar above the video.

    Also the aspect ratio is wrong, everyone looks a bit short and fat.
    The pixels should remain square as they are with normal Blu-ray playback.
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    Please elaborate. What makes you think the pixels aren't square? How do you play back? Maybe your player stretches the video to 16:9 aspect ratio?

    Just tried it myself with "The Forbin Project". You are right, something is wrong. Playing back with VLC the image is slightly stretched horizontally.
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    I'd also like it if there was a way to set the cropping myself so that there is no possibility of it leaving a thin strip of black bar (or of slightly trimming the active area of the video).