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New PSP, can't play video...

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by BARCA, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. BARCA

    BARCA New Member

    Hey, Guys. I just bought one of the new PSP's and downloaded the trial version of anydvd and clonedvdmobile. The output method was 368x208 and file name to write was E:/PSP/MP_ROOT/100MNV01/M4V10003.mp4. I think I screwed up on where I wanted to copy, but there are about six PSP versions for me to choose...which one? I have no idea what firmware version it is. Patched 3.03? Maybe >=2.6?

    Please help! Thanks in advance. Also, I'm not a complete idiot, but this computer stuff is kinda new to me. The software seems very intuitive but I'm missing something in the exchange here. The card take the info down cause when I check the available space, its less. The card indicator blinks like its downloading the content but no videos present when I check. I did format the card. It was brand new except for a save for The Warriors game.

    Thanks again. B.
  2. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    To figure out what version of Sony PSP firmware you have on your PSP, push the little "home" button so you can get to the top level navigation where you can move between functional areas, then use the left arrow to move all the way to Settings, then use the up and down arrows as appropriate to find System Settings.

    Go to system settings.

    Push the "X" button to select System Settings and you'll get to System Information.

    Finally, push the "X" button one more time and you'll find out what version of the firmware you have on your PSP.
  3. BARCA

    BARCA New Member

    Doh! 3.6 not an option!!!

    Ahh, it says I have 3.6 and I don't see an option on clonedvd mobile for that. So its not supported by slysoft yet? Anyword on when this will happen? Would love to buy these programs when I can use them.

    Thanks , Charlie for your response!
  4. BugDude10

    BugDude10 New Member


    Each update to the PSP firmware added new features and abilities. Clone DVD Mobile has the ability to rip DVDs to a suitable PSP format depending on what firmware your PSP is running. FW 3.6 is "FW > 3.30", so select that option.

    BTW, I have ripped several TV shows from DVD to excellent-quality PSP format using that setting at 480x272 resolution. However, when I tried that same format at 720x480 resolution, I got a video file that could not be played on my PSP. For some reason, despite the higher resolution, the output file was smaller than the 480x272 version; the higher res version played fine in QuickTime on my PC, but not on the PSP. Since I have a new PSP Slim with TV-output, I'd like to see how the higher res videos look on the TV when played from the PSP. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions about how to make the 720x480 video play on the PSP, I'd love to hear them!
  5. dgriessmann

    dgriessmann Member

    I'm having the same issues...