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    I find it funny when people complain about AnyDVD not working with Shrink anymore. It's not SlySoft's fault that they don't update it. Oh well, huh?
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    I think it could be semantics.. :D
    All I was trying to say is that so long a new DVD format does not come out, (like HD-DVD) then I believe that AnyDVD will continue to work with Shrink. Yes, Shrink is old an unsupported, but it only NEEDS support in the AREA of *copy protection*. (which is what AnyDVD does) So long as newer titles are properly stripped of newer *copy-protection* then any old ripper has to work by the very definition of "ripper" and "copy protection".

    To say that AnyDVD will ONLY work with other Slysoft products in the future, is almost accusing Slysoft of coming up with a deliberate scheme of putting 1/2 the anti-protection tech into AnyDVD and then the other 1/2 into CloneDVD - in order to force a user to buy BOTH of them to be able to rip a DVD. I've been a Slysoft customer long enough to believe they would not operate like this.
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    To say this isn't a good thing. antivirus doesn't work together. It's not slysofts responsibility to make it compatible with all apps they choose so. shrink will not do BD or HDDVD so this is just out of the question. Although I do like it right now how it can be used on all apps but it isn't their responsibility to do so it is just being good to all. CSS is way different than DRM and stuff that is being put onto the new gen DVD's so if they do or not it's their call.

    Just my opinion.
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    saw3 unrated

    Hello all,
    I have anydvd6.1.1.4 and clonedvd2 and also dvd shrink 3.2
    I have had lots of problems with this movie
    Before the update to any DVD I was able to read the movie with clonedvd2
    but was unable to write because it was to large for the disk (that was just doing the main movie) it came up saying it was trying to fix structure and then failed to do that. DVD shrink wouldn’t even read it would say it encountered an error and can not continue Failed to read file *e:\*
    After my son buying another copy of saw3 unrated (not sure if there is another saw3 that isn’t unrated) thinking maybe my copy was scratched or other wise screwed up somewhere. I updated my any DVD (which I want to say thanks to you guys there at sly soft for sending me Email letting me know that there is an update)and made sure my clone DVD was up to date, which it is and has been since I purchased it. We tried to do the new copy of saw3 and it would read it and clonedvd2 would tell me that the data was too large for the disk Ok... go out and buy dual layer DVD’s (Not cheap) brought them home and clone DVD would write it like crazy to the new 8.5 gb disk Only at the 13th scene it wont go any farther then when he finds the tricycle in the hall
    Oh and DVD shrink still won’t read it not that it is important any ideas I would like to hear about them:agree: Thinking about buying another copy of saw3 just to leave as a backup. :(
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    In the quality box in Clonedvd2, ensure you select "dvd-5" when using single layer blanks.

    Please visit for info on how to burn with Clonedvd2.
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    I had problems with Saw 3 using AnyDVD but when I upgraded to I was able to copy with Nero with no issues.