New PowerDVD Ultra build 3319f

Discussion in 'High Definition Software' started by bachuka, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. bachuka

    bachuka Well-Known Member

    Has anyone tried the new PowerDVD Ultra build 3319f that was released on 11/9. Has there been any improvements or complications caused by this new patch?
  2. markcu

    markcu Well-Known Member

    Dosn't look good at the moment...all of the blu-ray rips I've made refuse to play, with the player giving and error that states the disk is not present or the door is open :(
  3. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    When I opened PowertoDVD this morning it told me to update. I updated though the program not the website. It seems to be working on some titles that I have but I do not have alot of them.
    What's New in CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra


    • New! - DTS-HD
    • New! - DTS-ES
    • New! - DTS Neo:6 (Discrete, Matrix)
    • New! - Dolby TrueHD
    • New! - Dolby Digital Plus
    • New! - ACC Decoder 5.1 Ch
    • Dolby Digital 5.1
    • Dolby Virtual Speaker
    • Dolby Headphone
    • Dolby Digital EX
    • Dolby Pro-Logic IIx
    • CLMEI-2
    • CyberLink Virtual Speaker
    • CyberLink Headphone
    • MLP lossless
    • Pitch scaling technology
    • Audio equalizer presets
    • Audio visualizations
    • Direct 96/24 output
    • MP3, WAV

    • New! - MPEG4 AVC H.264 High-Definition Video
    • New! - VC-1 High-Definition Video
    • New! - Adaptive CLEV-2 for video quality enhancement
    • DivX Decoder
    • CLPV - Non-linear stretch technology
    • Video smart de-interlacing
    Playback Formats

    • New! - HD DVD-Video
    • New! - TwinFormat HD DVD
    • New! - BD-ROM (HDMV Format)
    • New! - BD-RE (BDAV Format)
    • New! - VCPS for DVD+R with content protection
    • New! - CPRM for DVD-R with content protection
    • DVD-Audio
    • External subtitles
    • HD DVD files (HD DVD-Video) from any folder on your hard drive
    • Blu-ray Disc files (Blu-ray Disc Video) from any folder on your hard drive
    • DVD files (DVD-Video, DVD-VR, DVD+VR) from any folder on your hard drive
    Advanced Features

    • New! - UPnP Support - Access your media from a Home Network
    • New! - Say-It-Again - Automatically repeats the last movie scene
    • New! - See-It-All - Automatically speeds playback to show as much of the movie as possible
    • New! - Read-It-Clearly - Moves subtitles from the viewing screen
    • New! - Freestyle User Interface offers 5 different ways of using CyberLink PowerDVD
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  4. njr

    njr Active Member

    7.3.3319f Issue

    7.3.3319f seems to not let you play a ripped BD.
    I downgraded to v7.3.3304 & everything plays fine.

    Hope this helps
  5. markcu

    markcu Well-Known Member

    Which is stupid considereing there is a 'play movie file from hard disk' option.

    Now, if you consider that anydvd now wont work with powerdvd unless you rip the blu-ray to your hard drive, or have multiple versions of power dvd on your system, there seems to be less and less point to having anydvd at all. :(
  6. hotdog453

    hotdog453 Well-Known Member

    I can verify that Blu Rays don't seem to want to be played with 3319f.

    I get the error of:

    Error Code 8090000A
    Door is open or disc is not present.

    Details: Insert the disc into the drive and make sure that the drive door is closed.

    This is with several Blu Rays; Spiderman 1-3, Pursuit of Happyness, Tears of the Sun, etc; all give the same error.

    HD-DVDs have a similar problem, with the same effect: Selecting the folder to play from does absolutely nothing. At least with Blu Rays, it LOOKS like it's going to play, then pops up the warning. With HD-DVDs, nothing happens at all.

  7. markcu

    markcu Well-Known Member

    Yep, thats what I get too :( :doh:
  8. hotdog453

    hotdog453 Well-Known Member

    How awkward. It's got to be intentional too, it worked before, WinDVD works, MPC works, Nero works... PowerDVD doesn't. Smooth.
  9. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    I suggest you ask Cyberlink support for assistance.
  10. hotdog453

    hotdog453 Well-Known Member

    Yup, was about to quote that myself.

    From the thread:

    That's nice. So now, regardless of any advances Slysoft may make in cracking anything, we're basically stuck at... what, 3119a for HDD playback? Or up to 3119d?

    Fun fun.
  11. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    They'll have to change this, what about all those people who use DVDitPro HD and Encore CS3 to make their own Blu-ray discs. Now they won't be able to test them and it'll make people move to something else
  12. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Don't worry - there are solutions to this and they are already in the pipeline. No dirty hacks, nothing mean, simple solution, just plenty of work on our side.
    Be patient :)
  13. hotdog453

    hotdog453 Well-Known Member

    There's not a chance in hell they did this on their own volition. This was forced upon them by the studios. Why in the world else would they cut out a feature such as HDD playing, but not document it anywhere in the release?

    *Dry humps leg of Peer*
  14. markcu

    markcu Well-Known Member

    With respect, is there any indication of how long we need to be patient for? It would be good to know if we were going to have to wait hours/days/weeks/months for a fix or new version.


  15. pjouy

    pjouy Well-Known Member

    "Coup de gueule"

    At last! At last someone who says clearly what I try to say since few days or weeks: AnyDVD HD is now quite useless. PowerDVD has cracked AnyDVD!!! Who could imagine that?!?

    Now, if we still want to play HD contents there are only two solutions:
    - quit PowerDVD to another player (perhaps Nero 8's ShowTime should work)
    - wait that AnyDVD's team "cracks" again PowerDVD's checking routines.

    Sorry if I am frustrated now, but there is now about 3 weeks that I try to make understand SlySoft's team that we are going to have a lot of problems with PowerDVD if something new is not done on AnyDVD HD. I try to play BD-J discs with older versions (understand PDVD 3104 and older) => black screen; and with newer version I need to rip the disc to hard drive (nothing better than having an hour to spend ripping a dual-layer BD)..... which is now nothing more than useless because it doesn't work anymore.
    And everybody knows that if we want to play new-content-features on BD, we need to use latests versions of PDVD because they often patch their bugs (to be polite) and add new protections...

    I really hope that AnyDVD's team will release a patch verrrrry soon. Now I'm trying to relax by trying Nero's ShowTime.
  16. hotdog453

    hotdog453 Well-Known Member

    What exactly do you expect them to patch at this point? There's going to come a point where PDVD is going to need to be updated to play newer titles; if that update comes with a disabling of playing from a folder, then I doubt there's anything Slysoft can do to get around that.

    I have never once expected Slysoft to "make it work" with PowerDVD. AnyDVD rips a disk to HDD, and removes protection: That's all I ever personally wanted it to do. The oddities and niggles of PDVD should not be Slysoft's problem. Even though the newest version of PDVD won't play from a HDD, Slysoft still rips just fine... the question is, what do we use instead?

    I've personally found that Nero Showtime is an awkward, still born joke, WinDVD8 isn't much better, and, well, the Arcsoft trial is all in Japanese so far, but it's basically a rebadged WinDVD8.
  17. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    I contacted cyberlink support who told me the same thing, so I told them I wanted a refund as I need that function to be able to test Blu-ray discs I've authored myself using Encore CS3 and this was the main reason I'd purchased the software
  18. hotdog453

    hotdog453 Well-Known Member

    Good luck with that :D
  19. pjouy

    pjouy Well-Known Member

    @ hotdog453 > I am not saying that AnyDVD must solve PDVD's bugs, but there IS a feature that AnyDVD must do well: play directly from the disc.
    If PDVD detects that the disc does not seems normal, it asks you to update. So my conclusion is that AnyDVD does not fix a thing in the BD's structure, and THIS is Slysoft's problem.
  20. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    We're on it...