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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by bingobill, May 16, 2007.

  1. bingobill

    bingobill Well-Known Member

    Update list:
    Support nVidia GeForce 8500/8600 series hardware decoding
    Support ATI X2000 series hardware decoding


    This patch can only be installed on PowerDVD Ultra build 2605.

    How do I determine the PowerDVD build number?

    To find the build number information of PowerDVD, check the About dialog. The About dialog can be accessed by:

    • Pressing keyboard combination key Ctrl+A
    • Clicking CyberLink logo on the UI

    When the About dialog is open, drag your mouse cursor to the user name field and click your mouse button.

    The version and build number generally might look like "7.0.2414". The number "7" is the major version number; "0" is the secondary version number and "2414" stands for the build number. The build number is useful for determining if it is necessary to install a patch. If the build number of the patch program is larger than the one on your current program, then you may want to apply this patch to your current program.
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  2. bachuka

    bachuka Well-Known Member

    I tried installing this patch in vista and I'm getting error messages during the install. Anyone having this problem?
  3. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Moderator

    Nope. Installed fine for me...
  4. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    I can't install it on XP... :(
  5. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Moderator

    Ohhh, good. Way to go Cyberlink. Making our lives better(tm). IDIOTS. :(
  6. bingobill

    bingobill Well-Known Member

    Same here, on XP, typical, just bought myself a 8600GTS too :(

    On the the other hand I just managed to source a Toshiba SD-H802A HD DVD-ROM Drive, been looking for ages for an internal drive, don't like things hanging off my HTPC, can finally get rid of the noisy XB360 drive.

    Now i will have internal HD DVD and Blu-ray drives :)
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  7. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Moderator

    Am I the ONLY one who didn't get an error when installing this update?!?!?! How is that possible? I ALWAYS have problems! :D
  8. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    I installed it successfully on Vista 32. It still doesn't play 'Stomp the Yard' but at least now I get an error message that I'm reporting to Cyberlink as requested. If this doesn't get fixed soon I'm going to have to change my id from roog to stomp.
  9. willywonton

    willywonton Well-Known Member


    Failed in XP with a couple of errors. Possibly to do with the "provenance" of the original install perhaps?
  10. colinhunt

    colinhunt Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'm getting the Error 1334 during installation a couple of times, then finally a "Feature transfer error -1603 Fatal error during installation".
  11. bachuka

    bachuka Well-Known Member

    I just found the solution. I found this at the cyberlink forum. It now installs fine. I could not do step 3 but it still worked.

    "It's hard to install this patch.
    You can check linkage.
    Or you can do below steps that support told me how to handle it.

    1. Uninstall PDVD Ultra
    2. Install Microsoft cleanup too and execute from "Start\all programs\WindowsInstaller Cleanup" To check if PDVD is on product list, If you can see PDVD in product list. Select PDVD and click "Remove" button to clean up PDVD.
    Tool download link:
    3. Del the PDVD InstallShield folder. C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\{6811xxx-xxx}
    4. Reboot PC.
    5. Install PDVD Ultra 7.3 then apply 2911 patch."
  12. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Thanks a lot!

    The good news: With this method I was able to install the patch.
    The bad news: Blu-ray playback no longer works (not from disc or folder, has nothing to do with AnyDVD). HD DVD seems to work fine.

    So I recommend to skip this "update". :(
  13. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Moderator

    Spectacular...they broke stuff with an update. I'm highly surprised and shocked. sigh. :) My opinion of PowerDVD Ultra gets worse and worse with each "wonderful" update.
  14. bingobill

    bingobill Well-Known Member

    FFS, what's the matter with these people?. Surely by now they they know about this Blu-ray problem, and yet the patch is still available for download.

    Does the startup screen still say HD DVD and Blu-ray on it?
  15. RichB

    RichB Well-Known Member

    Do you think they were trying to block playback of BD rips or are they just incompetent?

    - Rich
  16. bingobill

    bingobill Well-Known Member

    Well, I got it all working now, Blu-ray also.

    1. I did the cleanup operation as described above.

    2. Installed THIS VERSION User name: PowerDVD Password: L7uF6366

    3. Installed this version CyberLinkPowerDVDUltra.exe, This is the one with the blue 'Ultra' flash on the startup screen, sorry don't have a link to this, I have it stored on my PC.

    4. Installed the patch with no errors.

    This is what I end up with

    PowerDVD Ultra(7.3)
    UI: 2911
    DShow 2911(EVR_LOGO)
  17. colinhunt

    colinhunt Well-Known Member

    ... never mind, others had already reported the issues.
  18. colinhunt

    colinhunt Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info, I'll give it a try.
  19. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    As I cannot play original Blu-ray discs on HDCP compliant hardware without AnyDVD even running - I would believe the latter is the case. ;)
  20. colinhunt

    colinhunt Well-Known Member

    Could you provide some more info about this one?