New PC for BD ripping and conversion to MKV

Discussion in 'High Definition Hardware' started by Traction Tim, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Traction Tim

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    Hi all, I recently retired my regular ripping pc (Ancient 2.8Ghz Intel quad core with 8GB of ram), as it was unable to create smooth running mkv's from BD's with AnyDVD HD and CloneBD. As a test I tried to create a mkv using my server pc (8 core AMD Bulldozer FX-8350 with 32GB Ram) and that worked well, so my thoughts are turning to building a new mega pc for ripping/ conversion and for use with my projector.
    So, should I go Ryzen 1800x, or will Intel always be the best ? Is there a particular combination of cpu and gpu that will speed up ripping with AnyDvd and CloneBD ?
    Let me know what you think :)
  2. worknstiff

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    If you are primarily using Clone BD then I would recommend an intel quad core because of Quick sync and FRIM encoder for 3D MVC if you want to encode that. I may be wrong that the new AMD Ryzen supports some version of those because I don't have that hardware, or any knowledge of AMD processors, lol.
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    I would upgrade gpu rx470 or 480 and your encoding speeds will be 20min for full bluray. I run amd 3 x4 965 processor. Its 8 years old. My pc chokes bad but with gpu accel encoding decoding my pc flys. 4k 10 bit 4k flys...everything flys. The new intel supports gpu accel encode decode on kaby lake 7th gen intel. But im saving my money when my pc can play anything and encode anything. 8 year old hardware and my gpu is in 8x pcie 2.0 slot while my pcie ssd is in the other gpu slot.
  4. Traction Tim

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    Hi guys, I can see that I have the option of using a kabylake cpu with Quick sync, or a rx480 gpu with h265 - but do either of these work directly with CloneBD ? I specifically want to go the route that makes it fastest with CloneBD.
  5. Traction Tim

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    The only reason I couldn't answer the above question myself, is because I had already re-purposed my old PC to become my wife's Ebay computer. I have just installed CloneBD on a different PC to look at the settings, and it automatically set it to Nvidia Cuda, and thats with a very old GT730, so I think I will go for Ryzen 1800x with a GTX1080 and use Cuda acceleration.
    Thanks for the help guys :thankyou: