NEW OPTION: 'UHD Friendly' Firmware Downgrade / Cross-Flash Using Official (Modified) ASUS Flasher

Discussion in 'CD/DVD/BD Drives' started by MartyMcNuts, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. MartyMcNuts

    MartyMcNuts Well-Known Member

    OK.Thanks. I'll keep looking at it.
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  2. Marty S. McFly

    Marty S. McFly Well-Known Member

    Thanks :)
  3. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    There's no reason it shouldn't work. The calibration data and encryption data are not corrupted. It's just the firmware that's screwed up. If the flash program would ignore that and flash it anyway, then it'd likely work just fine.
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  4. Lazaros Velaetis

    Lazaros Velaetis Active Member

    tried this app and didnt work on LG BH16ns55... with firmware version 1.04
  5. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    No app will. That's the version that is a pain in the ass. You need to flash the mk3.10 Asus firmware first then you can flash the DE 1.03 firmware

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  6. Lazaros Velaetis

    Lazaros Velaetis Active Member

    tyvm 4 ure help another drive flashed successfully...
  7. martinjohannes93

    martinjohannes93 New Member

    I can't downgrade on newer firmware like the 1.03/1.04 directly but through the detour of the Asus firmware 3.10 is working? But only with dosflash?

    And if the LG BH16NS55 comes with 1.02 I can use the modified Asus flash tool on Windows to flash to the 3.02 Asus firmware? Do I have to modify the SATA mode to legacy? Or is this only necessary for the dos flasher?

    In general, the 1.03 allows UHD playback, but only 1.02 or lower also allows ripping? What about the 3.01 or 3.02 Asus firmware? Is ripping possible? I heard that the speed gets increased when flashing the Asus firmware
  8. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    1.03 is fine to downgrade. 1.04 is convoluted. And no, you're not doing any dosflash SATA nonsense. And yes you can cross flash if you want.
  9. jfcarbel

    jfcarbel Active Member

    I have a BW-16D1HT manf. Feb 2017 that came with 3.00 FW. I flashed it to 3.10MK and noticed that MakeMKV does not report it as a libredrive. Are there some models of BW-16D1HT that are not libredrive capable?

    If that is case I will look to order another more recent BW-16D1HT from Amazon, but concerned since on the stock Asus 3.02FW I recently started getting failures on same media (Verbatim BD-R DL 50GB 6X DataLifePlus White Inkjet Printable) that had many successful burns from same batch of media. Still burns BD-R 25GB without a single problem, just fails on the DL write ones. So thinking its a drive failure and wondering if LG is a better and maybe more reliable drive for me to get.

    Basically would like the ability to burn BD-50 media and read UltraHD is possible in same FW on drive. Suggestions?
  10. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    That version is definitely libredrive compatible so you have a makemkv issue going on. Doesn't sound like it's downloading the libredrive support. I would post on the makemkv forum to get help with that issue. No need to flash anything else though. You're good with that drive and firmware.

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  11. jfcarbel

    jfcarbel Active Member

    K, so I tried couple more things based on what you said. I checked the preferences box for allowing contacting server for updates. Then inserted the UHD disc first and then started the MakeMKV and this time it shows the LibreDrive Information and was able to read disc. Not sure if it was the updates checked since was already running latest version or if the program required a first start with disc inserted to do some cert initialization handshake or some other init.
  12. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    Both. But that means you're good to go.

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  13. ichthys

    ichthys New Member

    I'm just trying to Flash my drive Asus BC-12D2HT (v3.11) to 3.0 and just getting the error "Updating Failure #4". Does anybody know what to do?