New Mass Effect DLC said to be announced this Friday

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    The source of this information is GameSpot and the full article can be found here:

    BioWare had promised DLC and we've only gotten Bring Down the Sky so far. I can't say I was impressed and, frankly, the description of what I read doesn't much impress me of this new DLC.

    I recommend reading the entire article but I'm left... well, unimpressed, to be honest. I very much liked Mass Effect and found it nearly as addictive as the first Deus Ex PC game. I really didn't find Bring Down the Sky to be all that special and from the description of this new DLC I pretty much yawned. It might be great but I'm just not feeling it right now.
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    I enjoyed Bring Down The Sky. I found it to be far better than most, if not all, of the side missions in M.E.

    I doubt this new DLC will be anything great (sounds like an arena fight thing that we've seen in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series), but I'm still interested in it.
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    The supposed date of the announcement has come and passed. What's up? Well, I found out.

    Source: VG247
    Full article:

    Apparently BioWare twittered the bad news rather than an official press anouncement.

    Read the full short article here:

    Thanks for nothing, BioWare. As it is the DLC has been well, laughably lacking and the news of the new DLC left me yawning and completely lacking interest but that didn't mean a delay wouldn't annoy me. This is beyond bad.
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    My memory is hazy on the timeline here but I remember how annoyed myself and others were about BioWare tying Bring Down the Sky together with the first update patch. They dragged their feet and took quite some time to release BDtS and many people were literally unable to play the game in the meantime. BioWare might be great at creating games with amazing plots and such but they absolutely stink at supporting the people who dropped hard cash on their games and are having problems from what I've witnessed so far.

    I can't not purchase ME2 but I am most definitely left with an unplesant experience and expect a lack of DLC and insanely slow update patch releases for ME2, as well.
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