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    after installing this new lite on drive, its as though anydvd no longer recognizes any dvd's, has anyone else had a simular experience, if i
    switch back to my original lite on dvd burner, everything works fine:mad::mad:
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    Answer these questions please: (especially 8 and 9)
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    1 thread per issue, frostbyte

    Do not create multiple threads, please.

    And answer the questions.

    1. Is your drive a SATA burner?
    2. If not, are you using an 80 wire cable?
    3. If your burner is not SATA, is the jumper on the back of the drive set to master?
    4. Answer 8 and 9 from here:

    (picture from

    Blue (sometimes red) end goes into the motherboard; black end goes into your burner. Ensure jumper on the back of the burner is set to master.
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