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Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by hadar, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. David_B

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    Sorry. I misunderstood you. I thought you were using Netflix on a phone and watching something in 4K.
  2. MisterXDTV

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    Ok, so i tried updating the BIOS to the latest version: now HWInfo says my Skylake CPU supports SGX (it didn't before) but it's DISABLED. And i don't have the option in BIOS to enable it... rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif
  3. Gizzmo

    Gizzmo Well-Known Member

    so SGX seems not neccessary for Netflix 4K. Still was not able to get HDR out of my system, so don't know if it's
    important for HDR but UHD output works without SGX.

    Tested Netflix 4K with Win10 App and Edge Browser and both played with UHD resolution after some time.
    Same was working after switching SGX off in the BIOS. So would say it's not neccessary for Netflix...
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  4. ddjmagic

    ddjmagic Well-Known Member

    I don't believe HDR is supported in Netflix for the PC yet on any hardware.

    Cool, thanks for the info!

    Did you happen have one of the BD drive models that can read UHD BD? Would be interested to find your results on that too, if you did :)
  5. MisterXDTV

    MisterXDTV Well-Known Member

    Well at least Netflix 4K could work with my Pascal Card one day....

    Now if you could confirm that my LG drive is fine for UHD disc playback that would be great...
  6. Gizzmo

    Gizzmo Well-Known Member

    I am sorry, I have a Matshita slotin drive so no LG. Because I need a slotindrive and because
    the drive maybe doesn't work for UHD discs, I am not shure if I should buy one.

    But maybe I buy one, try it and send it back if it doesn't work. But first I need to get PowerDVD 17
    to work. What kind of subscription is needed for PDVD 17 from first post ?

    And is there a mediaplayer which can be used to test HDR output? any HDR testfiles? I have some
    but I am not shure if they are really HDR and which mediaplayer could send HDR out...
  7. gereral1

    gereral1 Well-Known Member

    This 4k is a money grab. Just like hdcp 1.4 to 2.2 crap. My next build will be 4k ready but I'm in no rush to pay over 1000 bucks to get 4 k. I'll just use my TV Netflix which supports 4k and Netflix HDR programs
  8. David_B

    David_B Well-Known Member

    If you do not mind me asking @hadar, how exactly did you come to find the PowerDVD 17 link? A quick Google search brings up stuff about how to not to get PowerDVD 17, and all of those things started to appear within the last few days supposedly, which means the link originated with you. Thank you for sharing the link, of course, but I am just curious.

    Now a question for everyone: As a PowerDVD 16 license holder, is there any benefit to me upgrading to PowerDVD 17 outside of 4K support that my computer won't even be able to support in the first place since I use an nVidia card? (And I am not sure if my Blu-Ray drive supports 4K playback. I have not purchased any 4K disks at the moment. I'm waiting to see how things play out with AnyDVD before I make the jump.)

    I doubt CyberLink would take the link down, particularly because mirrors already exist on questionable sites so doing so would be pointless, but just in case, here is a Wayback Machine archive that I took of the download link. It's slow to start, but once it gets going, the download is pretty fast.
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  9. ddjmagic

    ddjmagic Well-Known Member

    Unless you really want to find out yourself, I'd just wait, someone eventually will test the current drives and see if they work.

    You would need their Live subscription for that version - you pay for either 12 or 3 months.
    The retail v17 isn't available to purchase yet.

    Nothing that I can see from the new feature list.
  10. David_B

    David_B Well-Known Member

    So PowerDVD Live subscription holders can officially get PowerDVD 17 right now then?
  11. ddjmagic

    ddjmagic Well-Known Member

    When I tried installing the version from the first post, all installed fine and it asked for account/subscription info before use, so I assume if you had a valid subscription it would work fine - I don't have a Live subscription so I'm not 100% sure.
  12. gereral1

    gereral1 Well-Known Member

    Watch them do a payed subscription for pd17. That would be a slap in everyone's face. For the user who asked about 16 it's the same as 15 with some true theater color options. You can play uhd rips in it but no uhd 4k platters.
  13. Jeff R 1

    Jeff R 1 Well-Known Member

    Looks like Intel, Cyberlink and whom ever else is involved is charging so much for things and making it so difficult, that they are simply trying to discourage people from playing UHD on their HTPC's.
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  14. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    "Hacking" PowerDVD 17 (I believe you're hinting at cracked versions) is one thing.
    The other is cracking UHD discs based on PowerDVD 17.
    UHD playback, that has been mentioned here, requires SGX - I'm getting the impression, that some seem to think, SGX is some "flag" that needs to be there, so PowerDVD won't refuse to play UHD.
    For the technically savvy ones among you, I suggest you read up on what SGX actually is.
    The others - in simple terms: it's a hardware based, tightly sealed black box in the CPU that keeps secrets. Really keeps them.

    PowerDVD licensing (so far) does not require SGX (because the handful of people owning a CPU with SGX simply won't do as a customer base).
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  15. ddjmagic

    ddjmagic Well-Known Member

    v17 is mentioning SGX in it's MB/CPU requirements for UHD BD. It's said elsewhere that AACS LA required this for PowerDVD to get UHD BD playback.
    I can't imagine AACS LA allowing them not to use SGX just because Cyberlink's customer base may take a hit - I doubt they care as long as AACS 2 decryption is secure.
  16. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    I think, he meant literally "PowerDVD licensing [verification]" does not require SGX, to explain why "cracking" powerdvd (meaning: for those who steal software) is easier ; which is why cracked versions of PowerDVD can be found.
    As opposed to UHD playback, which does definitely require SGX.

    In other words: PowerDVD 17 will work without SGX for anything other than UHD.

    So, what he said was: the fact that there are cracked versions out there does not say anything about how easy it is going to be for James to undo any DRM" ;)
  17. Ch3vr0n

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    All posts hinting at cracking pdvd 17 or how to use Google to do it have been removed. Please refrain from such talk here as per forum rules, or more action may be taken.

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  18. ddjmagic

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    Ah I see, sorry a misread on my end.
  19. MisterXDTV

    MisterXDTV Well-Known Member

    Ok I tried with PowerDVD 17 and I think it's fair to say my LG BH16NS55 is good enough to play the disc as I get this error:


    It means it recognizes the disc as UHD-BD and tries to decrypt it
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    Please don't post images as external links. This forum is fully equipped to embed images locally.
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