New idea's for CloneCD to be implimented in it.

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    Hello, everybody. I just bought a lifetime licenses of CloneCD. Love the software. But two critical things are missing from it. First and most important, the ability to copy non-protected bluray movies. Already ripped with AnyDVD and transcoded & burned with CloneBD to bluray. It would be nice if CloneCD features 1:1 disc copying with blurays of unprotected already copied bluray movies or even any other type of blurays with no copy protection on them. Bluray copying support is a must to stay up with the current times for media.

    Also why not have it where you can allow as many copies burned in a row if you read an unprotected disc to image file then burn it back to a blank disc. Whether is CD, DVD or Bluray this would be a nice feature for multiple backups of whatever you want.

    Just some idea's, that a lot of competitor software already is doing. Got to be competitive. Thank you for reading this post and I hope RedFox seriously recommends these features I listed to be in a future version update soon enough.
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    Yes an image burn, where the bluray disc if copied to image file on the drive and then burnt back to bluray disc.