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New feature request


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Feb 12, 2007
Two features I would love to have!

Batch Loader/Encoder
-Point CloneDVD mobile to a folder of files to convert or load them up one at time. Really doesn't matter as long as we can do a bunch at once.
-Setup your options, or use your defaults (see request #2)
-Start, walk away, go to sleep, go to work, etc...
-Come back to folder of new mobile video files :agree:

Default Options
-Give us the ability to save our favorite settings so they are always the default unless we uncheck the box or revert to original settings.
-i.e. Video size, bitrate, save location, letterbox zoom, etc...
-It would be nice for each of us to be able to one click our favorite settings once we find them.

Awesome product otherwise, just a few items I think many of us would enjoy
Ok, temp fix for my 2nd wish list feature.
(Save my default settings)
Do so at your own risk, don't blame me or anyone at SlySoft

For me, I encode my mobile video for my Gen 5.5 80GB iPod.
I like to output my files on a TV at work so I want a higher quality than that required for the small screen while still keeping the file size to a minimum.

Here is how I saved my default settings so I don't have to enter them each time. All I did was delete any other options in the .ini file, thus making my preferences the default.

How to:
The .ini file for CloneDVD mobile is located here by default:
C:\Program Files\SlySoft\CloneDVDmobile\Devices.ini

-Make sure main program is closed (CloneDVD mobile is not in use)
-Find the .ini file (make a backup of the original)
-I just zipped the original file in the same directory for safe keeping
-Open file (just double click to open)
-Find your device (mine is [iPod video 5. gen (hires)]
-Change your options here, mine are:
-Deleted all Res1, Res2, Res3 etc...
-Delete all but ResAna1=640x360
-Change Quality=23 to Quality=13
-Close file, save changes when prompted

-This makes my default options the same everytime:
640x360, no letterbox zoom, quality 13 gives me an ave bitrate of ~700
Saves me a few clicks for each file I convert.
It's at least a temp fix until it can be done right by the developer.
Works for me, hope someone else can use it too.

If you would like to revert to the factory settings, or you tweeked a little more than you should have, just restore the original .ini file you backed up.

Enjoy 8)
As a long time (officially ;-) ) registered user of AnyDVD, CloneDVD and very soon CloneDVD Mobile as well, I second that feature request for batch processing. But in any case looking forward to any next release!