New Feature Request: Ablity to Resize to Half-D1 or Quarter-D1

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by nwl, Mar 22, 2008.

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    I have used CloneDVD for years, and it is my favorite software of the type. However, the one thing that I wish that it had was the ability to resize the video, WHILE KEEPING THE MENUS. There are ways to do this manually, of course, but editing IFOs is extremely tedious. I have looked for other software that will do this, but cannot find it in a price that I am willing to pay for. I have found a couple EXTREMELY expensive dvd authoring applications, but they are way out of my price range.

    Why would this be good? Many reasons, but one for example: You could start out with a 4+ hour dvd-9, resize it to Half-D1 or one of the other standard dvd resolutions and easily fit it on a DVD-5 with extremely little loss of quality. In my opinion, there isn't much difference between VCD and DVD on a standard non-HD CRT TV, and resizing the video would dramatically increase the productivity ability of your software. Even if it couldn't be implemented in CloneDVD and were to be a separate application, it would still be great to have this feature.

    DVD has several standard sizes, and you could also use this to change from NTSC to PAL (or vice sersa) by adding a black border around the frames or by cropping.

    DVD has 8 standard sizes to choose from, and I personally think it's a shame that most software doesn't allow you to convert between them.

    Standard DVD Resolutions

    720 x 576 Full-D1
    704 x 576
    352 x 576 Half-D1 (Same as CVD)
    352 x 288 Quarter-D1 (Same as VCD)

    720 x 480 Full-D1
    704 x 480
    352 x 480 Half-D1 (Same as CVD)
    352 x 240 Quarter-D1 (Same as VCD)
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    You can do it converting the files with other programs. CloneDVD is for copy and burn movies not to convert them.
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    What other programs are you referring to? There are a lot of programs (a lot of them free) that you can resize the video to some other size and/or convert the VOB files to other formats, such as DivX, etc, but you CANNOT keep the menus. Only 2 $600+ dvd authoring suites have I found where you can import a set of fully authored dvd files and have it spit out a new set of files to your liking, which includes the ability to resize the video. If you know of another program, please let me know.

    I'm not requesting the ability to convert between formats. There are a tremondous amount of apps that can do that. I'm just requesting the ability to resize the video in a given dvd, while keeping the menus. It's a straightforward set of tasks. They are just tedious to do manually. The video is not converted to another format. It stays VOB MPEG2 and is resized, actually much easier for the CPU to handle than transcoding, which is what CloneDVD does now. The IFO files are then rewritten for the new VOB files, which CloneDVD does already. It is generally the computing of the values for the IFOs that become tedious and time consuming, which is something which CloneDVD already has to do.

    Yes, CloneDVD is for copying and burning movies. That is why I am requesting this feature. Have you ever tried to sit through a 4+ hour dvd which has been transcoded from a dvd9 to a dvd5? It's not very pretty. However, when the video is resized, there isn't much difference in quality from the original.
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