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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by Art Masson, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Art Masson

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    Hi James...the release notes for the latest beta versions of AnyDVD (example include a new feature which says: "The key file location can be changed in AnyDVD settings". I don't see this control in the settings tab (see attached). Maybe I'm just blind!

    Can you explain the purpose of this a bit more and advise where the control is in the UI ? Does this refer to the location of my AnyDVD license key?

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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    You only read half of that info. It's related to the key file used to decrypt uhd discs with uhd-friendly drives. Has absolutely nothing to do with your license key in any way. That's why it's located in the UHD section too ;-)

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  3. Art Masson

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    Oh...sorry. I didn't read that line in James' release note as a continuation of the previous line. Now understand.