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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by DQ, May 31, 2022.

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    I send and e-mail to elby about a year ago
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    That is done on purpose, it's not a free program if you want to use all the features, we would appreciate it if you bought the program. Thank you.
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    I'm not trying to use all the features. I only need the features included in the free version. :) I think I just had a setting wrong. But I'll double check to make sure.

    @Darth Sidious - yep those are the differences in the versions. :) Here's my picture to go along with yours.

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    If you just do those two things, it will work.(y)
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    Sorry maybe my original post was unclear. I've been using CloneBD since (so a year or more) and never had an issue. When I updated to I was suddenly getting a watermark. But I think it's because didn't carry over my settings of no compression so it added the watermark. Unfortunately I didn't save the log file and I already rolled back to 1290. But I still have some more BDs to do so I'll test it out again soon.
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    You can also use the latest beta CloneBD Don't forget, however, that with every new project, the compression control must be set to the right end stop. Only then does it appear in brackets without compression!

    01.png 02.png
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    or you can just set it in the dropdown above it to "lossless" :p. BTW i like your taste, at least for that title. That's one of my fav's. It's a classic. Love mila, shame bruce had to quit acting.
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    Just chiming in, this program is worth the full cost. It's the only way to support the developers. If you only use the program a few times a month or year, than yea stick with the free version. Any more than that, probably should pay as good as this program is.
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    After doing a little testing, I purchased it because of just how well it works. I converted a few hundred ISOs into MKVs and it was painless and hassle free. worth every cent.
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